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Electromechanical components

Electromechanical components play a crucial role in medical technology. They are crucial for the smooth functioning and reliability of medical devices.

Cables in medical technology must meet special requirements to ensure safe and reliable data transmission. They must be flexible, abrasion-resistant and resistant to chemical substances. In addition, they should be free of harmful substances and easy to clean in order to comply with hygiene regulations in the medical environment.

Plugs and connectors serve as connecting elements between different electronic components. They must ensure a stable and secure connection to prevent data loss or interference. These components are often used in high-precision medical devices and must therefore meet the highest quality standards.

Enclosures in medical technology provide protection for electronic components against external influences such as moisture, dust or mechanical stress. They must be robust, easy to clean and disinfect to ensure sterility and patient safety.

Switches enable the operation and control of medical devices. They must be reliable, easy to operate and durable. In addition, easy cleaning and disinfection of the switch surface is important to meet hygienic requirements.

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