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COMPAMED presents the latest developments and innovations in medical technology components and modules as well as OEM equipment, e.g. in the fields of electric motors, pneumatic drives, linear technology, plain bearings, roller bearings, pumps, valves, filters, optical components, IV accessories, construction elements, guide wires, hoses and hose systems.

Experts understand the importance of medical technology components and modules for the smooth operation and safety of medical devices. That is why we present a wide range of products and solutions that meet the highest quality standards and fulfil your specific requirements. Our focus is on providing reliable and durable components that ensure precise control, efficient performance and optimal safety.

Our exhibitors include renowned companies from the medical technology industry who will present innovative technologies and customised solutions to you. From high-precision electric motors and reliable pneumatic drives to first-class plain bearings and roller bearings - you will discover a wide range of products to meet your requirements.

Pumps play a crucial role in medical technology and are used in various applications such as infusion pumps, blood pumps and dialysis machines. They ensure precise dosing of fluids and enable a controlled flow rate.

Valves are used to regulate the flow of liquids or gases and are used in ventilators, analytical equipment and surgical instruments. Due to their high precision and reliability, they contribute to the safety and efficiency of medical procedures.

Filters play an important role in purifying liquids and gases to remove impurities and ensure quality. They are used, for example, in blood transfusion systems, dialysis machines and infusion sets.

Optical components such as lenses, filters and light guides enable precise imaging and diagnosis in medical technology. They are used in endoscopes, microscopes and imaging procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

IV accessories include a variety of products such as infusion sets, catheters and syringes used for the intravenous administration of drugs and fluids. They ensure safe and controlled administration of treatments.

Construction elements such as housings, fasteners and connectors are essential components of medical devices. They provide stability, protection and enable the smooth integration of various components.

Guidewires are used in minimally invasive procedures and enable precise placement of catheters and probes in the body. They provide flexibility and control during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Tubes and tubing systems are used for the safe transport of liquids and gases. They are used in infusion systems, ventilators and blood transfusion systems.

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  • Manufacturers Trader Service

    Westlake Plastics SAS

    Tourcoing, France
    Westlake Plastics is a leading global manufacturer specializing in the conversion of high performance polymers into semi-finished products and in the machining of these materials. For more than
    Westlake Plastics SAS
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    Igersheim, Germany
    WITTENSTEIN provides superior drive system & sensor technology for robot-assisted surgery. If you need:  high precision, real time feedback, small footprint, high system robustness
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    Wuhan YLK Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Wuhan, China
    Wuhan ylk Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned private enterprises, the initial registered capital of 1 million RMB; the company has its own independent workshop 1200 square meters, including
  • Zünd Präzisionsoptik AG

    Diepoldsau, Switzerland
    Top quality is our philosophy This includes an above-average level in the areas of product quality, adherence to delivery dates and professional competence. Ensuring quality according to the ISO 9001
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