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In today's advanced medical industry, labelling equipment plays a crucial role in providing products and packaging with the required information.

Product identification systems ensure the accurate labelling of medical devices and instruments. Through state-of-the-art technology, they can apply important details such as batch numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates and barcodes. This information is crucial for the traceability and safety of medical devices.

Package labelling systems, on the other hand, are responsible for marking medical device packages with relevant data. This can include batch and lot number labelling, expiry dates, manufacturer information and barcode labels. Accurate and reliable package labelling ensures regulatory compliance, facilitates product identification and contributes to supply chain efficiency.

Modern labelling systems use advanced printing technologies such as inkjet, laser or thermal transfer printing to produce crisp, durable and legible labels. They also offer flexibility to accommodate different materials and sizes of products and packaging.

High-quality medical device labelling systems help ensure the safety, quality and traceability of medical devices. They support regulatory compliance and provide efficient solutions for product and packaging labelling.

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