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Healthcare consultancy plays a crucial role in issues around market access for medical technologies. It helps companies understand and comply with regulatory requirements in order to successfully place their innovative medical products on the market. Furthermore, the advisory service also offers assistance in the internationalisation of medical technology markets by providing information on different legal and cultural frameworks.

Another important aspect is the protection of intellectual property. Advice on medical technology patents and intellectual property (IP) helps companies to protect their innovations and prevent them from being copied.

In addition, consultancy plays a role in medical education and training. It supports medical professionals in developing their skills and knowledge to meet the increasing demands in the health sector.

Regulatory matters in the health sector are another focus of the advisory service. It helps companies meet regulatory requirements to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical products.

The advisory services also include medical documentation and support for clinical trials. Correct and comprehensive documentation is essential for the approval of medical products, while clinical trials provide important data for the safety and efficacy of medical products.

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