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Implants (active)

Active implants in medical technology play a crucial role in improving patients' quality of life. These innovative devices include pacemakers, defibrillators, cochlear implants, neurostimulators and insulin pumps, among others.

Heart pacemakers are small electronic devices that assist the heart by delivering electrical impulses to maintain a regular heart rhythm. Defibrillators, on the other hand, are used to treat life-threatening heart arrhythmias by delivering a controlled electrical shock to bring the heart back to a normal rhythm.

Cochlear implants are a remarkable innovation for people with severe hearing impairment or deafness. These implants convert sound into electrical signals and directly stimulate the auditory nerve to improve hearing.

Neurostimulators are useful devices for relieving chronic pain and other neurological disorders. They send electrical impulses to specific nerves to block or modulate pain signals.

Insulin pumps are an effective way for diabetics to monitor blood glucose levels with adjustment of personal insulin levels. These implantable devices continuously deliver insulin to the body to control blood glucose levels and reduce dependence on manual injections.

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