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Plastics processing is an important process in the medical technology industry.

One of the best-known methods is injection moulding. In this process, liquid plastic is injected into a mould and then cured under pressure. This process enables the production of complex and precise plastic parts in large quantities.

Another common technique is extrusion. Here, plastic is pressed through a nozzle and formed into a desired shape. Extrusion is particularly suitable for the production of pipes, profiles and films. It is an efficient process that can be used in many different ways.

Polyurethane processing (PUR) is a process that produces plastics with special properties. PUR is particularly known for its elasticity, durability and thermal insulation. It is often used in the automotive industry, in furniture making and in the construction industry.

Plastic welding is a method of joining plastic parts together. In this process, the parts to be joined are heated and pressed together under pressure. This process allows plastics to be permanently joined together and is in demand in many industries.

When it comes to full service plastics processing, companies offer comprehensive services from product development to prototyping and series production. All steps of plastics processing are covered in order to offer customised solutions for customers.

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