steptics: efficient manufacturing of sustainable foot prostheses

steptics: efficient and affordable manufacturing of sustainable foot prostheses

Interview with Marc-Antonio Padilla and Daniel Kun, steptics GmbH


Image: Three smiling men - Marc-Antonio Padilla, Daniel Kun, Benjamin Els; Copyright: steptics GmbH

steptics GmbH: Marc-Antonio Padilla (left), Daniel Kun (center), together with Benjamin Els (right)

Products and exhibitors around this topic

Image: icon PHYSIO TECH; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Image: Legs of a female runner with a below-knee amputation, she is wearing a spring foot sports prosthesis; Copyright: friends_stock

Sports prostheses with a spring foot enable athletes with amputations to perform at their best again. However, the production of the prostheses has so far been complex, and thus expensive, and anything but sustainable.

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