Acute stroke: diagnostics with 3D virtual histology

Personalized treatment of acute stroke: diagnostics with 3D virtual histology

Interview with Dr. Robert Zboray, Group Leader X-Ray imaging, Center for X-Ray Analytics, Empa


Image: Virtual 3D-image of a blood clot; Copyright: Empa

Several laboratory methods combined, draw this clear 3D image of a blood clot about 1.5 millimeters wide. However, neurosurgeons in hospitals can only dream of such detailed images. In the future, the 3D microCT method should also help in diagnostics.

Image: scanning electron microscope image of red blood cells in the blood clot; Copyright: Empa

A look inside: With the scanning electron microscope, red blood cells with a diameter of just a few micrometers can be clearly seen in the blood clot.

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