Sports medicine & physiotherapy at MEDICA 2021: Photo gallery

Sports medicine & physiotherapy: from training equipment to playful rehabilitation

Photo: Vitalymed Flexi by INVITALIS; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari

The deep heat function of the Vitalymed Flexi supports the massage function of the belt. The massage belt has two massage directions, the massage heads were anatomically correctly adapted in cooperation with therapists.

Hall 4 / D37

Photo: The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari

The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL is a sports device for regular training at home. It is versatile for back pain, tension in the muscles and limited mobility of the facet joints.

Hall 4 / G60

Photo: The XRCISE CIRCLE MED by cardiowise; Copyright: beta-web/Reck

Both sitting, but also standing or sitting in a wheelchair, the XRCISE CIRCLE MED by cardiowise enables the training of endurance and upper body muscles.

Hall 9 / D39

Photo: The DST Triple Sense by DPE Medical; Copyright: beta-web/Reck

The DST Triple Sense by DPE Medical combines three gait functions - walking on level ground, climbing stairs and negotiating inclines. The system promises data on uneven weight distribution, stride length and time, center of mass positioning, foot weight distribution and more.

Hall 4 / A14

Photo: Fesia Walk by Fesia Technology; Copyright: beta-web/Reck

Fesia Walk by Fesia Technology is a gait neurorehabilitation device. It produces superficial electrical stimulation of the posterior tibial and peroneal nerves. It is used for stroke, multiple sclerosis, incomplete spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and other central nervous system injuries.

Hall 4 / E18

Photo: Fisioline RADIANT by FISIOLINE; Copyright: beta-web/Reck

Fisioline RADIANT by FISIOLINE is a radio frequency generator. It promises induction of heat through the administration of electromagnetic waves to stimulate natural rehabilitation and anti-inflammatory processes in biological structures.

Hall 9 / D34

Photo: Modulo and Modulo Plus by FISIOLINE; Copyright: beta-web/Molinari

Modulo and Modulo Plus by FISIOLINE are easy-to-use electrotherapy devices. One area of application is electrostimulation in sports medicine.

Hall 9 / D34

Photo: CPM device OrtoFlex L2 by Good Medica; Copyright: beta-web/Reck

CPM device OrtoFlex L2 by Good Medica is a motorized device for the continuous passive mobilization of knee and hip. It is used, among others, for knee arthroplasty, hip arthroplasty, mobilization of the joint after long immobilization and for injuries and sprains of joints.

Hall 4 / K33

Photo: Gloreha Aria by IDROGENET-GLOREHA; Copyright: beta-web/Reck

A sensor-based therapy device designed for motor recovery of impaired upper limbs. Gloreha Aria by IDROGENET-GLOREHA offers programs that help patients move their arm, wrist and fingers. Patients can play games. Depending on performance, the level of difficulty is automatically adjusted.

Hall 4 / B22