Innovations and experiences – Exhibitor voices 2021

New contacts, innovations and experiences – Exhibitor voices 2021

Bild: Christoph Schank; Copyright: beta-web / Reck
Christoph Schank is Sales Manager Americas at KOB GmbH. The company has been a part of MEDICA since its early days. "We are here because the show has a worldwide reputation and we want to meet new customers here," says Schank. He describes MEDICA as "big, communicative and international."
Bild: Michael Eppler (right) and his colleague; Copyright: beta-web / Reck
Michael Eppler is the managing director of Clap Tzu. For him, MEDICA is primarily a place where he and his company can meet new customers and dealers. "At MEDICA, I appreciate the exchange with others; there are always many inspirations." Eppler believes that holistic treatment concepts consisting of several products will become increasingly important in the future, rather than focusing on individual products.
Bild: Semra Ejder Demir; Copyright: beta-web / Reck
For Semra Ejder Demir it is the first time at MEDICA. With the company CARINE Medical and Personalized Health she presents more than 1,500 products. With her products, she hopes to open up new markets for herself. She sees the trade fair as a meeting place for the exchange of new ideas. "So far it's been very interesting, effective and intense. We have already been able to achieve good results," comments Demir.
Bild: Martin Streitberger; Copyright: beta-web / Reck
MEDICA is an important trade fair for Martin Streitberger and hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH. He is already at the trade fair for the sixth time as an exhibitor. For him, it is all about presenting their innovations and making new contacts. He describes MEDICA as "international, big and interesting." Streitberger thinks that the trends in the medical industry will continue to move toward digitization and sustainability.
Bild: Boris A. Gruber; Copyright: beta-web / Reck
Boris A. Gruber is already at MEDICA for the eighth time with LASERNEEDLE. His goal is to maintain networks and find new dealers. "What I particularly appreciate about MEDICA is that it is so international and is attended by many decision-makers, which makes MEDICA the most important meeting place for the industry," says Gruber. For him, the trade show is going very well so far.
Bild: Stefan Walko; Copyright: beta-web / Reck
Stefan Walko is the managing director of ICA Traffic GmbH. He is exhibiting at MEDICA for the first time this year. His goal is to present their new product, make contacts and negotiate follow-up business: "So far, we've already been able to talk to good contacts." Walko is particularly pleased that the show is so international and offers broad, innovative topics.
Bild: Cédric Spaas; Copyright: beta-web / Reck
With the booth at MEDICA, Cédric Spaas, general manager of ARSPECTRA S.à.r.l., wants to reach new markets, find distribution partners and network with med-tech partners. "MEDICA is an important moment for us for business development next year," Spaas said. His stay at MEDICA this year is better than expected, despite Corona. "I think the future of medical technology is in digitalization. Be it with wearables or in diagnostics – digitalization will be everywhere," Spaas explains.
Bild: Jens (links) and Lars Friebel (rechts); Copyright: beta-web / Reck
Lars Friebel, Chief Financial Officer of Novacare GmbH SISSEL Vertrieb, says: "So far we are very satisfied with how MEDICA has gone for our company." He believes that MEDICA is one of the most important international trade fairs for his company. And he knows what he's talking about: this is the 31st time he has participated as an exhibitor.
Bild: Kurt Schard; Copyright: beta-web / Reck
How can lesions that lead to strokes be detected early? This and much more is being researched by the Technical University Kaiserslautern, which is a loyal participant at MEDICA: TUK has been participating for at least ten years, says Kurt Schardt. For himself, it is the first participation - he is here to find cooperation partners for his research and to establish valuable contacts.
Bild: Pablo Sanchez; Copyright: beta-web / Reck
"Finding high-quality contacts and building valuable relationships" – that was Pablo Sanchez's incentive to visit MEDICA this year. He is pleased that all the important exhibitors in medical technology are gathered here. He himself comes from the field of robotics and believes this industry will gain in importance in the coming years.
Bild: Yunus Emre Çelikten; Copyright: beta-web/Reck
MEDICA is visited by people from all nations. For Yunus Emre Çelikten from MEGASAN, this is the reason to visit the fair. Because for him it is important to find like-minded people in the field of surgical equipment. In medical technology, the topics around digitalization and online platforms will increase in importance, he thinks.