Hospitals go green – helping patients and Mother Nature

Hospitals go green – helping patients and Mother Nature


Image: Shaking hands of two people, one of them wearing a doctor's coat, in front of wind turbines and solar panels in the sun; Copyright: PantherMedia/Wavebreakmedia (YAYMicro)

Ways hospitals can go green

Image: Medical waste in yellow container; Copyright: PantherMedia/angellodeco

Waste reduction in hospitals is a balancing act between environmental friendliness and hygiene requirements.

Best practices and seals of approval

Image: green outdoor area of a hospital; Copyright: PantherMedia/jcpjr1111

In the Green Hospital, the well-being of the environment is just as important as that of the patients.

Green Hospitals – Current barriers to successful comprehensive implementation

Image: Surgeons washing their hands; Copyright: PantherMedia/SimpleFoto

The prerequisite for a better ecological balance of every hospital are a change of mind and the associated changes in behaviour of all those involved.

Bild: Elena Blume; Copyright: P. Schmitz

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