CellAED: a success story that started at MEDICA

CellAED: a success story that started at MEDICA

Interview with Donovan Casey, CEO, Rapid Response Revival Research Limited


 Image: Smiling man with red tie and black jacket - Donovan Casey; Copyright: CellAED

Donovan Casey

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Image: Miniature defibrillator "CellAED" sticks out of a first aid kit; Copyright: CellAED

CellAED is a miniature automatic defibrillator designed to be small, lightweight, and user-friendly so that everyone is able to respond to a cardiac arrest right on the spot.

Image: miniature defibrillator "CellAED" is used on man lying on the floor; Copyright: CellAED

Around 80 percent of sudden cardiac deaths occur in private households, where defibrillators are hard to find due to their high cost. That's where CellAED comes into play as a low-cost alternative for the home.

Image: Man with glasses and beard - Timo Roth; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

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