Balancing high-tech with humanity – digitization in the ICU

Balancing high-tech with humanity – digitization in the Intensive Care Unit


Image: Intensive care bed equipped with high-tech devices; Copyright: PantherMedia/sudok1

High-tech devices unlock a treasure trove of data

Critical care services via telemedicine

Image: Medical team with doctor connected via telemedicine; Copyright: PantherMedia/DragonImages

Thanks to telemedicine, medical staff can consult experts who are not on site.

Creating a quiet ICU

Image: Hand with blue disposable glove holding smartphone with the warning "Click for Emergency" on the display; Copyright: PantherMedia/welcomia (YAYMicro)

The constant alarms in the intensive care unit are a burden on both nursing staff and patients.

The future is digital

Image: Doctor with tablet, in the background an older man and a woman with a clipboard; Copyright: PantherMedia/SimpleFoto

If new technologies are to prevail in the intensive care unit, everyone involved must pull together.

Bild: Elena Blume; Copyright: P. Schmitz

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