Robotics: modular platform for antibiotics research

Robotics: modular platform for antibiotics research

Interview with Prof. Pierre Stallforth, Head of Department Paleobiotechnology, Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology Hans Knöll Institute (Leibniz HKI)


Image: Smiling man with short black hair, beard, and blue shirt - Prof. Pierre Stallforth; Copyright: Anna Schroll/Leibniz-HKI

Prof. Pierre Stallforth

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Image: View of a laboratory, where a robotic facility has been built; Copyright: Anna Schroll/Leibniz-HKI

The robotics platform performs laboratory work fully automatically - from preparing over conducting to analyzing an experiment. It can perform numerous process steps and even several experiments simultaneously.

Image: Man with glasses and beard - Timo Roth; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

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