Angiogenesis: light shows blood vessels the way

Angiogenesis: light shows blood vessels the way

Interview with Prof. Aránzazu del Campo, Head of Dynamic Biomaterials and Scientific Director of INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials


Image: Smiling woman with long dark hair and dark blazer - Prof. Aránzazu del Campo; Copyright: Leibniz INM/Iris Maria Maurer

Prof. Aránzazu del Campo

Image: Computer-generated image of an arborizing blood vessel; Copyright:

Naturally growing bloodvessels in the human body are branching out, smallest capillaries supply the outermost digits like fingers and toes. We have to promote such growth to achieve optimal tissue regeneration.

Image: Man with glasses and beard - Timo Roth; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

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