MoSBi: Algorithm identifies disease subtypes

MoSBi: Algorithm identifies disease subtypes

Interview with Dr. Josch Konstantin Pauling, Junior Fellow, and Tim Rose, PhD candidate, LipiTUM Research Group, Chair of Experimental Bioinformatics, TUM School of Life Sciences, Technical University of Munich


Image: A man with short dark hair, dark beard and glasses is smiling into the camera - Dr. Josch Konstantin Pauling; Copyright: private

Dr. Josch Konstantin Pauling

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Image: Two men are sitting in front of a laptop computer and are talking about an image on the screen - Josch Konstantin Pauling, Nikolai Köhler; Copytight: LipiTUM

Head of the LipiTUM research group Dr. Josch Konstantin Pauling (left) and PhD student Nikolai Köhler (right) interpret the disease-related changes in lipid metabolism using a newly developed network.

Image: Graphic that shows how stratified medicine leads to an increased personalization in treatment; Copyright: LipiTUM

Stratification of medicine increases the personalization of treatment.

Image: Man with glasses and beard - Timo Roth; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

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