Man vs. machine – the benefits of AI in imaging

Man vs. machine – the benefits of AI in imaging


Image: Physician in the dark at her desk looking at CT images; Copyright:

Medical data, particularly in radiology, has reached such a scale that it can no longer be managed without the support of intelligent systems.

Big Data needs intelligent algorithms

Artificial Intelligence for CT, MRI and other scans

Image: Robot points with his finger to CT images of the brain, in the background a CT device; Copyright:

Man and machine must work together optimally. This is the only way radiologists, patients and ultimately the entire healthcare system can benefit.

Is there anything Artificial Intelligence can't do (yet)?

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Artificial Intelligence can't do everything – making decisions, for example. The physician will always have the last word on diagnosis and therapy.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the future of medicine

Image: Robot stands centered on a pedestal, connected to it are several monitors with medical images and data; Copyright: Sarah Holmlund

The application possibilities of AI are numerous – and the technology is still in its infancy. It remains to be seen how far away we really are from this medicine of the future.

Bild: Elena Blume; Copyright: P. Schmitz

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