Diabetes digital – smart support for diabetics

Diabetes digital – smart support for diabetics


Treating diabetes – then and now

Image: View over the shoulder of a man measuring blood glucose; Copyright: panthemedia.net/Andriy Popov

Usually, diabetics have to measure their blood sugar about four to seven times a day.

Apps promise smart solutions

Image: Woman at the table operating a smartphone and surrounded by utensils for diabetes therapy; Copyright: panthemedia.net/Lev Dolgachov

They help especially with the administration of all values and data: Smartphone apps.

Bye-bye finger pricks and injections

Image: View from above of a table with lots of food and two arms taking a picture of a dish with a smartphone; Copyright: panthemedia.net/stockasso

The automatic calculation of carbohydrates on the basis of a photo is unfortunately still a dream of the future.

Therapy support in the World Wide Web

Peace of mind is good, medical care is better

Image: Male physician talks to his female patient, both look at a laptop; Copyright: panthemedia.net/VitalikRadko

The personal contact between physician and patient is still one of the most important cornerstones of any therapy.

Image: Elena Blume; Copyright: P. Schmitz

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