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Medicine: taking new paths

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Guidelines for sport in times of highly infectious viral diseases and environmental pollution

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Topic of the Month

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The digital hospital: integration and digitization

News from the editorial office of

Health apps: getting to grips with the digital placebo effect
Sharing information about the expected effect of a health app before its use and providing positive feedback regarding its effectiveness after its use have the potential to strengthen the placebo effect.
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Raman spectroscopy: European laboratories aim to create common standards
Is the tissue healthy or pathologically altered? Is the antibiotic effective against a certain bacterium or is the bacterium resistant to it? Raman spectroscopy can help to answer such questions quickly and precisely. However, one challenge for the use of the light-based analysis method in everyday clinical practice is that the results can be highly sensitive to the measurement conditions.
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Take-at-home tests boost colorectal cancer screening for the underserved
Colorectal cancer screening rates jumped by more than 1,000 percent when researchers sent take-at-home tests to patients overdue for testing at a community health center that predominantly serves people of color.
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COVID-19 dashboard to compare country and state data
A new online dashboard, created by NYU Professor Alexej Jerschow, brings together COVID-19 data from U.S. states and countries around the world to compare cases, deaths, vaccines, and testing in a visual, user-friendly format.
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World Cancer Day 2021
Everyone knows it, everyone has heard of it: cancer. It is still one of the most common causes of death. Every year on 4 February, the World Cancer Organisation draws attention to this issue with World Cancer Day. By providing information, it gives hope to sufferers and non-affected people on how to take preventive action against the disease.
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Study provides evidence of Covid-19 contact tracing app effectiveness
An international research collaboration, involving scientists from the UK, US and Spain, has shed new light on the usefulness of digital contact tracing (DCT) to control the spread of Covid-19.
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Machine learning enhances predictions of COVID-19 outcomes
Mount Sinai researchers have published one of the first studies using a machine learning technique called "federated learning" to examine electronic health records to better predict how COVID-19 patients will progress. The study was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research - Medical Informatics.
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Stem cells against blindness: ERC Proof of Concept
Prof. Volker Busskamp from the University of Bonn has received a "Proof of Concept Grant" worth 150,000 euros from the European Research Council (ERC). He and his team are working at the Eye Clinic of the University Hospital Bonn on a technology to rapidly program human stem cells to photoreceptor for retinal research and treating blindness in the future.
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Trialing a new COVID-19 test at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary
A new, highly accurate COVID-19 test is being trialed at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. Virus Hunter 6 (VH6) has been developed by Lancaster University in partnership with Brunel University London and the University of Surrey in collaboration with commercial partner Vidiia Ltd.
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Wearables: an intelligent health care product for on the go
A project at Landshut University of Applied Sciences is aiming to improve wearables for medical applications and to enable the portable minicomputers to make more accurate measurements.
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Helping translational research meet the needs of older adults
Mark Redfern receives an NIH award to establish a new program in the Human Factors of Aging to inform, support, and advance research focused on improving the lives of older adults.
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Sense Glucose Earring for managing type 1 diabetes
A product design graduate from the University of Huddersfield has defeated thousands of entries from around the world to become one of the finalists of the 2020 Global Grad Show with their design for a discrete earring that monitors blood sugar levels and delivers feedback in real-time.
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Hotspot for digital innovations

A current topic in health policy is the corona pandemic. You can find out what's new in this area in our editorial articles:

Topic of the Month

Image: Monitoring monitor on the Intensive Care Unit; Copyright: PantherMedia/sudok1

In the Intensive Care Unit: smart solutions for better care


Image: A white medical face mask is coming out of a production line; Copyright: Fraunhofer IPT

Personal protective equipment: ramping up medical mask production to 50,000 pieces per day


Image: Two people wearing protective suits stand next to a workbench in a laboratory; Copyright: Fraunhofer IBMT/Foto Bernd Müller

epiLab: Coronavirus testing in the mobile safety laboratory