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Organ-on-a-chip – Organs in miniature format


Image: Cell cultivation in a Petri dish; Copyright: / matej kastelic

An Organ-on-a-chip can be used to investigate the effects of drugs, as well as the causes of diseases and therapeutic approaches. They offer not only a cost-effective, but also an ethically justifiable alternative to animal experiments and in vitro methods.

The human organism in smartphone size and what has happened so far

Image: Substance injection in cells; Copyright: / MidoSemsem

In contrast to in vitro methods, three-dimensional organ chips provide more accurate results.

Organs on chips from the 3D printer

You can find more about the topics of laboratory analysis and cell research here:

Pros and cons of miniature organs

Image: cell functionality; Copyright: / MSSA

There is a need for research in the 4-OC models on the one hand into the optimal replication of blood circulation and on the other hand into the real-time measurement of cell functionality.

Chip patient of the future?

Image: Diana Heiduk; Copyright: privat

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