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The virtual.MEDICA 2020 awaits you!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Soon it will be time again: From November 16 - 19, MEDICA and COMPAMED will offer an insight into the world of medical technology as usual. What’s new? due to COVID-19, this year's event will be designed as 'virtual.MEDICA' and 'virtual.COMPAMED'. Here you will find exciting reports and information during the trade fair. In the Exhibitor Video Arena you can learn all about products and companies. In the Exhibitor Web Sessions you can find out about individual products and processes and chat with the exhibitors.

Are you curious? Then you can register here as an exhibitor or visitor.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your team of virtual.MEDICA 2020

Exhibition Space

Exhibitor Video Arena

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Using interesting videoclips, exhibitors present their products and services quickly and efficiently to potential new customers and provide an insight into their company to build up a trustful business relationship.
Watch exciting exhibitor videos during 'virtual.MEDICA' in the Exhibitor Video Arena
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Exhibition Space

Exhibitor Web Sessions

Image: Man looking at a screen; Copyright: PantherMedia/allaserebrina

To enable visitors to develop interest in their products and services, exhibitors would like to explain them in a comprehensible way using moving images. For this purpose, they are offering online visitors 30-minute live web sessions via the zoom platform between 16 and 19 November 2020 in order to present their company and products and make valuable contacts during the live event.

The web sessions are recorded and are available to a broad audience on-demand after the virtual event in the industry portal

Learn more about the Exhibitor Web Sessions here
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Weighted blankets decrease insomnia severity

Economy & Markets, Commodities and Consumer Goods

Weighted blankets are a safe and effective intervention in the treatment of insomnia, according to Swedish researchers who found that insomnia patients with psychiatric disorders experienced reduced insomnia severity, improved sleep and less daytime sleepiness when sleeping with a weighted chain blanket.
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MarrowQuant: a new digital-pathology tool

Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

The bone marrow is the soft tissue inside our bones. Its main role is to produce stem cells that will go on to become various cells of the blood, including white blood cells that fight infections, red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body, and platelets that control bleeding.
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Spinal injuries: the recovery of motor skills thanks to nanomaterials

Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

A new study conducted by SISSA and the University of Trieste shows the efficacy of carbon nanotube implants to restore motor functions and paves the way for a new therapeutic approach for spinal cord injuries
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Lungs: a step toward helping patients breathe deeply

Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

Damaged lungs can't open properly. Patients with asthma, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and systemic sclerosis suffer from fibrosis and tissue remodeling, where a build-up of tissue and immune cells, and proteins that form a glue-like substance, keep the airways from expanding. As fibrosis gets worse, taking a breath feels like blowing up a balloon filled with concrete.
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Wearable: sensor for people with inflammatory bowel disease

Public Health & Associations, Information and Communication Technology

University of Texas at Dallas researchers have designed a wearable device that monitors sweat for biomarkers that could signal flare-ups of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A sensor in the device detects and quantifies the presence of two key biomarkers associated with inflammatory bowel disease: interleukin-1β and C-reactive protein (CRP).
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