Thursday, 11/21/2019 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

11/21/2019: MEDICA 2019 - The Final

Image: Banner of MEDICA Live Coverage 2019; Copyright: beta-web/Schmitz

This has already happened at MEDICA 2019!

Medical technologies in sports medicine

Interview with Dr. Aaron Rubin

Brain injuries in athletes

Interview with Prof. Claus Reinsberger

Motors for motor skills – Robotics in rehabilitation

Hightech solutions for hygiene, disinfection and sterilisation

For a strong back – Interview with Spine Care Technologies

Well-tried in vitro medical diagnostics – Interview with Institut Virion\Serion GmbH

Physiotherapy at MEDICA

Laboratory technology in Hall 1

Clear vision with mixed reality from BRAINLAB

3D imagery thanks to AI – Interview with MEDICAL IP

One-stop shop for diagnostics – Interview with Diatron MI Zrt.

Smart Hospital – the hospital of the future

Laboratory diagnostics in one pack – Interview with Erba Mannheim Corporate Services Ltd.

Robot assisted hippotherapy – Interview with intelligent motion GmbH

Video: MEDICA App COMPETITION – Clear the stage for mobile health

Photo: SOLOASSIST; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
The company AKTORmed in Hall 10/C21 shows how minimally invasive procedures can be performed today. What the SOLOASSIST can do is best seen for yourself.
Photo: Product of Helbling; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
In Hall 13/D34 you can find out what is already possible today in the field of medical technology. Helbling Technik Will AG develops smart products in the fields of medical and laboratory technology and diagnostics.
Photo: Entrance North of MEDICA 2019 Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
The last day of MEDICA has begun, but there is still much to discover! We wish you a lot of fun!
Photo: Hall plan in the entrance area of the exhibition center; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
We hope you'll find your way around the fairground. After all there's a lot to discover!
Photo: A group of students at a trade fair booth; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Yesterday, medical students of Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf were able to explore and experience the latest trends in digital medicine live with their ifam lecturer, Dr. med. Ulrich Sappok, at MEDICA.
Photo: Tablet screen showing the start page of the application; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
We've all probably done it before: You have atypical symptoms and googled what it could be all about. And then you sit in panic at your doctor's and have the worst horror stories in your head. Infermedica puts an end to this horror with the SYMPTOM CHECKER. Artificial intelligence is the magic word. You can find out how exactly this works in Hall 13/C32.
Photo: Colorful shoes set up in a circle; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
The French exhibitor Schu'zz has a heart for medical staff that is much on its feet. But the shoes are not only comfortable and adapted to everyday hospital life, they also radiate a bit of good humour. See for yourself in Hall 5/B13.
Photo: Vitalograph Pneumotrac-USB on a table. Behind it a screen on which the measured values can be seen.; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
Easy to use and equipped with hygienic and sustainable measuring technology - these are the lung function test devices from Vitalograph. Of course, the company also has its new Vitalograph Pneumotrac-USB in its luggage. You will find the PC spirometer in hall 10/A40.
Photo: Printed privacy screens; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Privacy is of course an important issue in the medical context. KwickScreen Ltd. will be exhibiting printable privacy screens in Hall 14/E37. So that patients feel comfortable in practice rooms.
Photo: A skeleton named Linda at a trade fair booth; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
This is Linda. She is at Königsee Implantate in Hall 15/L29. But what the exhibitor actually offers next to Linda is medical technology in the field of osteosynthesis.
Photo: A hospital bed with bedside table and monitors; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
With its products, Stiegelmeyer ensures that patients feel comfortable in hospitals or nursing homes. Convince yourself! You find the hospital and nursing home equipment supplier in hall 14, booth D05.
Image: Hands hold a pair of glasses in the camera; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
Is winter casting you down? Pocket Sky (Hall 13/D46) can help. The glasses provide you with the right light and help you not only to get in a better mood, but also increase your performance.
Image: An attachment for the smartphone that stands right next to it; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
SmartPeakFlow warns you before an asthma attack occurs. Just put it on your smartphone, blow in the device and see the results directly on the screen. Want to know more? SmartPeakFlow can be found in Hall 16/K21-5 at MEDICA.
Image: SaniBits; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
When was the last time you used patient headphones at the hospital? There's a shiver running down your back, isn't it? No problem with the SaniBits - the antibacterial headphones. Hall 14/F37
Image: Camera-based M-series workstation by FOBA; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
Efficient and focused on the UDI marking of medical devices: At MEDICA (Hall 15/L23), FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving will present its camera-based M-series workstations.
Image: Assistive bathtub; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
A bath can be very relaxing. The Reval Group tubs combine style and functionality in a care environment. Find out more about the assistive bathing systems in Hall 14/D30.
Photo: colorful anaesthesia masks; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
Free of PVC and BPA, the CleanMask™ Anaesthesia Masks from WilMarc (Hall 16/F17-3) are sustainable and odor-free and therefore also suitable for newborns, infants, toddlers and children.
Photo: Angio rehab arm ergometer model by Lode BV; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
The arm ergometers from Lode BV bring muscles in arms and shoulders at full speed. You can see how software can further increase performance in hall 9, stand A43.
Image: ECG recorder HeartView by Aerotel Medical Systems Ltd.; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
Sending extensive ECG data anywhere, anytime to transmit diagnoses directly over the phone? That works! With HeartView from Aerotel Medical Systems Ltd. Hall 9, C01.
Photo: ER monitor; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
Avalanche SI neuromonitors can identify and functionally test motor nerves during surgery - such as sensory nerves or cerebral structures. More about neuromonitors at Dr. Langer Medical in hall 9, booth C50.
Photo: Intubating tubes; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
In emergency medicine, things are tight and yet every move has to be right. The airway aids from VBM Medizintechnik GmbH are designed to make work easier in these difficult situations. Learn more in Hall 10/C 59.
Photo: Air filter by NATEOSANTE; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
Clean air is essential, especially in the medical sector. The EOLIS Air Manager from SAS NEOSANTE not only filters macro particles, but also unpleasant odors with its activated carbon filter and kills germs with a UV lamp. It also has a Deep Clean Function. See for yourself how it works in Hall 15/G10.
Photo: Several EEG caps; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Spes Medica offers a complete range of electrodes and accessories to be used during EEG, EP and ERG examinations. Maximum signal quality meets high wearing comfort for patients in Hall 9/B15.
Photo: Liquid fluid analyzer; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
The future-generation diagnostics is presented by anvajo in hall 3/F52. The fluidly R-300 ist the smallest and most convenient liquid fluid analyzer on the market. It combines a full-fledged spectrometer with a high-resolution microscope to improve diagnostics thanks to even more accurate analysis.
Photo: Device for highlighting peripheral veins; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
With the Venoscopio IV Plus it is possible to highlight peripheral veins using LEDs and thus enable even more precise blood collection. Test it yourself in Hall 3/B64 at MEDICA.
Photo: the smart care patch; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
Start up power at MEDICA! (Hall 13/D46) has developed a smart care patch that can be used both in nursing homes and at home in family care. While shaping the care of tommorrow the quality of life of caregivers and the people who they care for is already increasing today.
Photo: detection instrument; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
OptiGene Ltd. has a compact, lightweight and robust instrument for the sensitive detection of bacteria and viruses at the molecular level. You can take a closer look at Genie II in Hall 1/G03-7.
Photo: contactless thermometer BoomCare; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
Contactless temperature measurement and data management of the measured values in a smartphone application - the BoomCare thermometer from ISPROBE Corp. can be seen in Hall 13/A71.
Photo: Two smart home care robot; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
Most seniors want to live indecently and as self-determined as possible within their own four walls for as long as possible. Medisana wants to help them. In Hall 13/D46 of MEDICA, the German company is presenting its Smart Home Care Robot Medisana Temi.
Photo: 3D printed head; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
The Fraunhofer Institute has always stood for innovation. Recently, there has also been a Research Institution for Additive Manufacturing Technologies (IAPT). You want to know what is possible with additive technologies? Take a look in Hall 10/G05.
Foto: Eine Deko-Wand in der elektrochirurgische Instrumente in einer verschiedenfarbigen Bullaugen ausgestellt sind; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
Das Familienunternehmen Erbe Medizintechnik vertreibt weltweit chirurgische Instrumente. Welches Gerät für den OP die Firma mit auf der MEDICA hat, erfahrt ihr in Halle 10/G21.
Photo: A food truck at the MEDICA; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
A day at the MEDICA is quite exhausting. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for a snack on the exhibition grounds. Sometimes you just have to bring a little more time with you. Bon appétit.
Photo: diverse colored otoscopes; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
How good is your hearing? The latest generation of otoscopes is available at LAFTAN International in Hall 11/E12.
Photo: Several mannequins in protective gowns; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
It is part of the hospital's basic equipment - surgical gowns. Eders Medical can certainly tell you a lot about it. You will find the company in Hall 16/H42.
Photo: A hand holding the Physilog sensor; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
You want to do a running or gait analysis? Then you need the GaitUp Physilog. If you pass hall 13/D46, have a look at it.
Photo: The vitascale Headset for measuring the breathing air; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
We all want to be fit and healthy. You can see what the future looks like when it comes to fitness at VitaScale GmbH (hall 13/D46). The headset analyses the breathing air as well as your heart rate and uses this data to precisely optimize your training - for the best result.
Photo: User with the FREE Walk exoskeleton; Copyright: beta-web/Klein
The company FREE Bionics shows its exoskeleton FREE Walk at the MEDICA. See for yourself how it works in Hall 13/D46.
Photo: Medical suction unit OB 3000; Copyright: beta-web/Schlüter
In hall 11/F11 you can see the latest medical suction unit OB 3000 by Oscar Boscarol S.r.l.

News from the exhibitors at MEDICA and COMPAMED

An innovative application to evaluate fall risk in older adults looks for distributors
Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) presents at MEDICA trade fair (Hall 13 / booth A62) its latest services, products and future developments applied to healthcare sector. The internacional research...
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Mike Rimmer, Operations Director Brandon Medical Company Limited, has been selected in The Manufacturer Top 100 2019
Britain’s manufacturing heroes named in Liverpool Mike Rimmer, Operations Director Brandon Medical Company Limited, has been selected in The Manufacturer Top 100 2019 publication. “Brandon...
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biolitec® Medica 2019: New ELLA® laser therapy for endometriosis – Precise laser treatment of bladder tumors with trans-urethral laser ablation TULA® now available
Vienna, 13th November 2019 – biolitec®, the worldwide active developer and manufacturer of medical laser systems for minimally invasive treatment, is going to present new treatment methods for...
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Vancive Medical Technologies and Finesse Medical Ltd. Rebranded as Avery Dennison Medical
DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY – 18 November 2019 – Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY) announced that its medical businesses — Vancive Medical Technologies and Finesse Medical Ltd. — have been rebranded as...
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Avery Dennison Medical Introduces Eight Adhesive Materials, Wound Care Solutions at Medica 2019
DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY – 18 November 2019 – Avery Dennison Medical is launching eight new products at the 2019 Medica International Trade Fair, which begins today and runs through November 21 at the...
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Breakthrough AI technology to measure absolute blood pressure
With the start of Medica, the largest medical fair in Düsseldorf, Verhaert Masters in Innovation presents a new AI based technology measuring absolute blood pressure directly from finger, wrist or...
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SCHOTT Illuminates Single-Use Endoscopes with New and Easy-to-Handle Product Line
The SCHOTT® SingleEZ Guide plug-and-play illumination solution for single-use endoscopes is the first member of a new modular product family based on fiber optics. Fiber optic lighting specialist...
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FIND Collaborate with SpeeDx and QuantuMDx
The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) are supporting a collaboration with SpeeDx and QuantuMDx to assess the feasibility of developing low-cost point of care (POC) tests for...
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EIZO Releases Extension for Its Video Over IP Solution that Transmits 4K Video Signals at 60 Hz for the OR
EIZO GmbH today announced an extension for its video over IP solution, CuratOR Alipe, which provides lossless transmission of image and video within and outside of the OR. With the new TIP0810-HDMI IP...
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Macadamian Technologies Achieves Microsoft Gold Partner Status & Azure Cloud Platform Competency
GATINEAU, Quebec - Oct. 29, 2019 - PRLog -- Macadamian Technologies today announced it has achieved Gold partner status and Cloud Platform competency, demonstrating a "best-in-class" ability...
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Brandon Medical Develops i2i: smart solutions for operating theatres
i2i stands for “isolated to integrated” and has been developed at Brandon Medical’s research and development department in Leeds, UK  The operating theatre environment has dramatically...
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SCHOTT’s Laser-Diffusing Technology Enables More Effective Light-Based Therapies
Improving patients’ health with precision glass-based diffusers Very high homogeneity and efficiency of light radiation Various diffuser geometries: cylindrical, front emitting, spherical and...
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Canada at MEDICA, Düsseldorf (November 18 - 21, 2019)
Biggest Canadian Participation Ever MEDICA – the leading international medical tradeshow – has been attracting generations of Canadian visitors and exhibitors. This year, 59 Canadian medical...
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Diaphragm liquid pump offers great advantages
In its FP 400 diaphragm liquid pump, KNF has managed to horizontally arrange five diaphragms on a single level for the first time. The new arrangement enables the FP 400 to achieve very low pulsing on...
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Now even smaller for hand-held medical devices
When coming into close contact with medical devices, patients primarily expect these devices to be quiet and produce minimal vibration. For the manufacturers, size, weight and reliability also count —...
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Bidirectional differential pressure sensor for extremely low pressures
Analog Microelectronics GmbH presents a new bidirectional differential pressure sensor for ultra low pressures and thereby expands its digital board-level pressure sensor series AMS 5915 with I2C...
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Linnodee Diagnostics Ltd - specialising in veterinary diagnostic tests for Leptospirosis
Linnodee Diagnostics Ltd. is dedicated to the design and manufacture of clinical and veterinary diagnostic tests for Leptospirosis. The company was established in 1999 by the late Dr Ernest F Logan...
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Neural networks enable autonomous navigation of catheters
MEDICA 2019: AI support for endovascular stroke therapy When a patient has a stroke, every minute counts. Here, prompt action can prevent serious brain damage. If a clot is blocking a large blood...
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A gentler technique for artificial respiration
Fraunhofer tech at MEDICA 2019: Intensive care for premature infants In intensive care wards, artificial respiration is often used as a last resort to save a patient’s life. Unfortunately,...
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Improved biopsies with MRI-compatible ultrasound system
MEDICA 2019: Minimally invasive diagnostics with multimodal imaging Biopsies are standard procedures in interventional radiology, not least for patients with a suspected tumor. In this instance,...
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Combatting stress with a headband
New, objective measuring method for occupational health management Stress at the workplace can produce a wide range of symptoms and has previously only been describable in subjective terms. Headache...
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Preventive health care via app
MEDICA 2019: Prevention through digital helpers from Fraunhofer and partners Demand for apps for preventive health care is growing all the time. Particularly popular are diagnostic assistants that...
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InnoHealth China promotes your ideas
eHealth and Bioeconomy    InnoHealth China is the current campaign led by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and constituent part of the initiative Research in Germany which is initiated and...
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