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Photo: Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre during MEDICA and COMPAMED.

MEDICA 2021 + COMPAMED 2021: Medical technology providers and their suppliers show huge interest and want to fly their flag on-site


The date (in mid November) for the globally leading live platforms for the medical technology industry remains a fixed feature in everybody’s calendar this year too. The plans for MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf, the world’s no. 1 medical trade fair, and COMPAMED 2021, the international main event for medical technology suppliers which is held in parallel, are progressing full steam ahead.
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Graphic: Logo of the MEDICAlliance.

The MEDICAlliance is under new leadership - Christian Grosser takes over project management for medical trade fairs at Messe Düsseldorf.


Christian Grosser (41) is the new Project Director for Health & Medical Technologies at Messe Düsseldorf. He follows Horst Giesen, who retired at the end of 2020, and will manage the world’s largest medical trade fair, MEDICA, and the international leading industry supplier trade fair COMPAMED.
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MEDICA Start-up COMPETITION and Healthcare Innovation World Cup also offered pure excitement in virtual format


From the early diagnosis of arthritis to a sustainable energy source and the Wearable, which non-invasively determines the level of urine in the bladder: The great variety of digital health innovations was again reflected this year at the world's leading medical trade fair MEDICA, which, due to a pandemic, took place completely in virtual format as virtual.MEDICA from 16 - 19 November 2020.
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Photo: MEDICA flag.

virtual.MEDICA + virtual.COMPAMED win audiences over with their high degree of international resonance


For the first time in the history of MEDICA, the world-leading medical trade fair, and the industry’s number one platform for the suppliers of the medical technology industry, COMPAMED, took place entirely online due to the pandemic - but still won over their audiences due to their high degree of international resonance in this format too, as virtual.MEDICA and virtual.COMPAMED.
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Photo: virtual.MEDICA is organized by Messe Düsseldorf.

The countdown is on: virtual.MEDICA + virtual.COMPAMED hit the starting line with a full programme and innovations from around 1,400 exhibitors


The countdown is on! For the first time in their history, the world-leading medical trade fair MEDICA and the international number one event for the medical manufacturing supply market, COMPAMED, will be held entirely online as virtual.MEDICA and virtual.COMPAMED from Monday, with around 1,400 exhibitors hailing from 56 countries.
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Grahpic: Homepage of the virtual.COMPAMED

virtual.COMPAMED 2020: The corona pandemic highlights how important medical technology suppliers are in securing supply


COMPAMED, the international industry event, the number one for suppliers of the medical technology industry, will take place completely online for the first time ever from 16 to 19 November 2020. An extensive programme is in store for the international online visitors, which consists of three key areas: the Conference Area, the Exhibition Space and the Networking Plaza.
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Photo: Robot application as positioning aid for the placement of biopsy needles.

A debut with strong figures: More than 1,000 exhibitors have already registered for virtual.MEDICA + virtual.COMPAMED


This year, the world’s largest and leading medical trade fair, MEDICA, and the number one international event for the medical technology manufacturing supplier market, COMPAMED, will take place as virtual events due to the pandemic. From 16 to 19 November, this digital format will continue to strengthen their roles as global leaders.
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Photo: Wearable shirt with integrated sensor technology for data acquisition close to the body.

Digital health is on the rise due to COVID-19 and is in the spotlight at virtual.MEDICA


MEDICA in Düsseldorf is a world-leading platform for the medical technology business and the healthcare industry and has always been one of the places to be for the entire sector as it covers current digital health trends, innovative products and services for linking all of the major stakeholders in medical care. Consequently, digital health is a mainstay of virtual.MEDICA.
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Photo: Laboratory medicine prefers to be very precise, e.g. using micropipettes for analytical applications.

virtual.MEDICA presents specialist topics in laboratory medicine and reflects the significance of this sector for the corona pandemic.


How can diagnoses be given even faster and more securely, aided by cutting-edge scientific findings? How can a multitude of information be linked and concatenated to elicit new therapy options? The MEDICA LABMED FORUM seeks to respond to these and many other questions.
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Graphic: Homepage of the

MEDICA and COMPAMED 2020 to be launched as 'virtual.MEDICA' and 'virtual.COMPAMED' with three focal areas


MEDICA 2020 and COMPAMED 2020, as the world's leading information and communication platforms for the medical technology sector and suppliers to the medical technology industry, will take place from 16 - 19 November completely in virtual format as 'virtual.MEDICA' and 'virtual.COMPAMED'.
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