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12/21/2022: New X-ray technology for Covid-19 diagnosis


Topic of the Month: Wound care: healing with technology; News: New findings on neuronal activities in the sensorimotor cortex; News: Micrometric blood plasma separator using high-resolution 3D fabrication; News: Ground-breaking new method for multi-cancer early detection; News: Watching viruses fail
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12/14/2022: Technology for better care


Topic of the Month: Technology in wound care; Video: Intensive care unit rethought; News: University of Missouri researchers design new heart health wearable; News: Sensor solution for checking electrolyte balance; News: Sensitive drills for cochlear implants; News: Personalized finger joint implants from a 3D printer
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11/30/2022: Using electric current against COVID-19


Interview: Electrical current to fight COVID-19: The intelligent electric pill; Video: Epilepsy: Automatically detecting and documenting seizures with AI; News: Unexpected cognitive deteriorations in epilepsy; News: Warmer brain-irrigation fluid in surgery more efficacious; News: Measuring organ development; News: Empa's Zukunftsfonds – Funding ambitious research: A chip to replace animal testing
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11/23/2022: Trade fair feeling for your home


Topic of the Month: MEDICA 2022: Where Healthcare is going; Videos-on-demand available: Forums and conferences of MEDICA 2022; MEDICA 2022 Review; News: Ultrasound and nanobubbles allow cancerous tumors to be destroyed; News: Tumors: forecasting the risks of brain surgery; News: Quantum technology for cancer imaging
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08/31/2022: Surgical robot for microsurgery


Topic of the Month: Big Data in genetics: reaching diagnosis through heaps of data; News: New method of examining the brain’s electrical signals; News: AI-enabled, optical fibre sensor device could help monitor brain injury; News: Diabetes: Trial offers more than a glimpse into eye treatments; News: Variants in BRCA1/2 and MMR genes in children with cancer; News: Big data in the emergency room
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08/24/2022: Blood clots in 3D


Topic of the Month: "ikarus" provides new insights for cancer research; Interview: 3D virtual histology; News: MRI: Potential of nigrosome imaging for Parkinson's diagnosis; News: New target structure against Corona; News: Biomedical applications made of spider silk protein gel; News: Advanced genetic screening reveals cancer coding in healthy tissue
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08/17/2022: Immersing into new worlds


Topic of the Month: Algorithm identifies disease subtypes; Video: Physiotherapy in VR; News: Ultrasound and bubbles help medicines reach the brain; News: Cancers and heart disease could be diagnosed with new rapid test; News: ACL reconstruction goes under the microscope; News: Project allows hospital gowns to be converted into new plastic and textile products
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08/10/2022: Predicting the most effective treatment for IBD


Topic of the Month: Helper and game changer; Interview: Predicting the most effective treatment for IBD; News: AI performs as well as medical specialists in analyzing lung disease; News: Technology that responds sensitively to people; News: New FFP protective masks from Germany; News: High-tech vest monitors lung function; News: Improved certification of medical software with AI
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08/03/2022: Conquering heaps of data with AI and Co.


Topic of the Month: Big Data in genetics: reaching diagnosis through heaps of data; News: Sensor: early Alzheimer’s detection up to 17 years in advance; News: New COVID-19 rapid-test performs PCR faster than similar tests; News: AI detects whether drugs are effective for neurodegenerative diseases; News: 'Smart necklace' biosensor may track health status through sweat
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07/27/2022: Broken heart or heart attack?


Topic of the Month: Healing Environment: thoughtful design improves patient care; Interview: Is it a heart attack or something else? How artificial intelligence can support diagnostics; News: Brain stimulation as an antidepressant treatment for older adults; News: Unique technology platform for cellular electrophysiology and optogenetics
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