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02/10/2021: Protecting hospitals from overburdening


Topic of the Month: Autonomous medical devices: running well in your body; Interview: Medical devices: hygienic design combats pathogens; Interview: BabSim.Hospital: forecasting hospital bed needs; News: Wearables can detect COVID-19 symptoms and predict diagnosis; News: Study provides evidence of Covid-19 contact tracing app effectiveness
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02/03/2021: Autonomous medical technology: treatment in the body


Topic of the Month: Autonomous medical technology: independently in the body; News: Engineers share model for ventilating; News: New technology could upend DNA sequencing; News: "String of lights" indicates excitation propagation; News: Using wearable tech to keep babies healthy; News: New device enables guided biopsies in real time; News: Machine learning enhances predictions
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01/27/2021: Bioprinting: from skin substitute to the printed human?


Topic of the Month: Breathe a sigh of relief with Respia; Video: Tissue Engineering and Bioprinting – From artificial heart valves and printed humans; Interview: Biostatistics: using data and models to fight Covid-19; News: Fighting respiratory virus outbreaks through sensor-based rapid detection; News: Cardiovascular diseases: new computer model improves therapy
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01/20/2021: Infection prevention: clean air indoors as well


Topic of the Month: mHealth for asthma: Help me manage it myself!; Review of virtual.MEDICA 2020: Health data: building a European Health Union; Interview: Covid-19: protective canopy prevents infection; News: Breathing easier with a better tracheal stent; News: Detecting COVID-19 antibodies in 10-12 seconds; News: Wearables: nonsurgical treatment for cerebral infarction
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01/13/2021: Asthma self-management with apps and wearables


ToM: mHealth against asthma; News: 4D-Simulator breakthrough in brain surgery; News: Reviewing the evidence for cloth mask use among health care workers; News: Tiny wireless device sheds light on combating obesity; News: Automated, mobile X-ray device to improve health services; News: 'Virtual biopsies' could replace tissue biopsies; News: Quick look under the skin;
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