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05/26/2021: Towards an implantable ECMO


Interview: Making biohybrid lungs implantable; Topic of the Month: How to Successfully Advance Digital Health Applications; Video: Mobile hygiene robot in the hospital; News: Enabling personalized medicine with wireless charging; News: Biosensor developed to aid early diagnosis of breast cancer; News: Zapping nerves with ultrasound lowers drug-resistant blood pressure
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05/19/2021: Algorithms support intensive care physicians


Interview: Smart Expert System Assists Medical Diagnostics; Topic of the month: DiGA: Learning Self-Management Skills with Evidence-Based Information; News: Microfluidics: efficiently smuggling drugs into cells; News: Orthopedic implants: effective inflammation prevention; News: AI tool uses chest X-ray to differentiate worst cases of COVID-19
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05/12/2021: Better evaluation of retinal scans with AI


News: Cooperative Support for Diagnosis and Therapy in Ophthalmology; Topic of the Month: DiGA: App on prescription; News: New implant tech could aid spinal cord or heart therapies; News: Just right: how frequent telehealth appointments should be; News: Researchers advance 3D printing to aid tissue replacement;
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05/05/2021: Getting healthier with apps on prescription


Topic of the Month: Digital healthcare: Treating patients at home; Seconds save lives – clean your hands! - World Hand Hygiene Day 2021; World Asthma Day 2021; News: Disinfection robot: Value created by linking up to building data; News: System to deliver glue for sealing defects in broken blood vessels; News: 'Breakthrough' cases suggest COVID testing may be here to stay
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04/28/2021: Optimization of hospital logistics


ToM: Virtual surgical training with haptic technology; Interview: Hospital logistics; News: Fighting harmful bacteria with nanoparticles; News: Radiation therapy: Personalized, 3D printed shields to protect patients; News: Training treatment using ultrasound guidance; News: Emergency EMR created in a week to respond to COVID-19 crisis; News: 3D printing: Go-ahead for Swiss m4m Center
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04/21/2021: Health care of the future


ToM: Surgical planning with immersive mixed reality; Interview: Digital healthcare: The point-of-care is shifting; News: 3D printing: individual pieces with a precise fit and optimized cost; News: A neuromagnetic view through the skull; News: Respiratory viral pathogens caught on-site
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KOPIE VON: 04/14/2021: Detecting atrial fibrillation with rhythm patch


ToM: How Mixed and Virtual Reality transform surgery; Interview: Detecting atrial fibrillation early with mobile rhythm patch: News: Wearable aims to tackle head injuries in sport; News: Fast, portable test can diagnose COVID-19 and track variants; News: Masks associated with reduced COVID-19 risk for healthcare workers; News: FDA: Breakthrough Device Designation to ECG analysis platform
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04/07/2021: Using VR in the OR


ToM: Surgery in 3D: Virtual Reality in the OR; Interview: mHealth in the hospital: from data security to patient welfare: News: Shoulder injury could heal faster with tissue implant; News: Temperature sensor could help safeguard mRNA vaccines; News: Experimental hearing implant succeeds in registering brain waves; News: Widespread facemask use vital to suppress pandemic
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03/31/2021: How humans influence the course of the pandemic


ToM: Hygiene and disinfection: innovations against Covid-19; Interview: Coronavirus: "A pandemic is a behavioral phenomenon"; News: Gamma ray camera could speed up cancer diagnosis; News: AI used in battle against asbestos-linked cancer; News: Researchers link breast cancer and bone growth
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03/24/2021: A quick glance for Alzheimer's early detection


ToM: Miama: transparent face mask uncovers facial expressions; Interview: Medical technology: desperately seeking digital professionals; Interview: Alzheimer's disease: early detection using an eye exam; News: AI platform to assess blood vessel anomalies and eye disease; News: Three-layered masks most effective against large respiratory droplets
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