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09/16/2020: With AI against Corona


Topic of the Month: The laboratory 4.0; Video: Smartlab; News: Portable MRI brings brain imaging to the patient bedside; News: New method to fight cancer with molecular fibers; News: Powerful push for AI for cancer immunotherapy; News: Low-cost chip for detecting COVID-19 antibodies; News: Reducing mortality with an electronically controlled infusion set
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09/09/2020: Keeping the overview in the hospital with IoT solutions


Topic of the Month: The smart networking laboratory: when connected devices become one system; News: Smart sensors can advance cardiac surgery and therapy; News: Face masks: redesign to improve comfort and protection; Interview: IoT in hospitals: keeping track of every zone; News: ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT TO TAKE PART IN THE 9th MEDICA Start-up COMPETITION
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09/02/2020: Heading for the networked laboratory


Topic of the Month: The laboratory 4.0: networked analyses; News: New X-ray detection technology developed; News: COVID-19: asthma may not be a significant risk factor; News: Project "HCA|Organoid": toward a single-cell atlas of human organoids; News: ERA-NET project NExT: earlier diagnosis of endocrine pancreatic tumors
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08/26/2020: Covid-19: innovations in the wake of the crisis


Topic of the Month: Big Data in the ICU; Interview: Israel Export Institute at MEDICA 2020; News: UCI develops low-cost accurate COVID-19 antibody detection platform; News: AI offers new clues to a 500-year old mystery about the heart; News: Exoskeleton research marches forward with study on fit; News: Toward a coronavirus breathalyzer test; News: Wounds: how skin can regenerate after severe burns
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08/19/2020: Magnetic stimulation against stroke


Topic of the Month: VitalSky: how an artificial sky improves ICU patient recovery; Video: Stroke therapy of the future: Stimulating entire networks; News: 3D printing steps up to the frontlines in the battle against Covid-19; News: Mental healthcare: diagnosis via brain scan and computer algorithm; News: Versatile new material family could build realistic prosthetics
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08/12/2020: Seeing ultrasound images on the patient


Topic of the Month: Balancing high-tech with humanity – digitization in the Intensive Care Unit; Interview: Augmented reality ultrasound: putting the focus on patients; News: A wound dressing that kills bacteria; News: Smartwatch tracks medication levels; News: Training algorithms to identify COVID-19 in CT scans; News: Office of Naval Research helps develop ventilators in fight against COVID-19
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08/05/2020: Digital solutions for the ICU


Topic of the Month: In the Intensive Care Unit: smart solutions for better care; News: Enter the 9th MEDICA Start-up COMPETITION!; News: Researchers discover stem cells in optic nerve that preserve vision; News: New insights into wound healing; News: Pre-brain surgery test protects language in some tumors
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07/29/2020: Taking images from the inside of blood vessels


Topic of the Month: Green Hospital: on the way to more sustainability; News: Endoscopy: images from the inside of blood vessels; News: Wearables: sensor patches as fitness trackers; News: Disinfection: 'corny' solution fights the spread of the novel coronavirus; News: Endoscopy: new device provides added protection against COVID-19
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07/22/2020: 50 000 masks a day


Topic of the Month: How Hospitals Can Foster Environmental Sustainability; Interview: Ramping up medical mask production to 50,000 pieces per day; News: Developing disinfectant from plant waste; News: First COVID-19 Patient in Germany treated with novel Diaphragm Therapy; News: Mobile EEG for the detection of epileptic seizures in daily life; News: Electrical stimulation to restore vision
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07/15/2020: High-performance sports: physis and psyche in harmony


Topic of the Month: Green Hospital; Interview: MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE; News: Engineers design a reusable, silicone rubber face mask; News: CT of COVID-19 versus CT of influenza virus pneumonia; News: Researchers create air filter that can kill the coronavirus; News: Electrodes from leaves: efficient, economical and aesthetic; News: COVID-19: chatbots can ease medical providers' burden
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