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07/22/2020: 50 000 masks a day


Topic of the Month: How Hospitals Can Foster Environmental Sustainability; Interview: Ramping up medical mask production to 50,000 pieces per day; News: Developing disinfectant from plant waste; News: First COVID-19 Patient in Germany treated with novel Diaphragm Therapy; News: Mobile EEG for the detection of epileptic seizures in daily life; News: Electrical stimulation to restore vision
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07/15/2020: High-performance sports: physis and psyche in harmony


Topic of the Month: Green Hospital; Interview: MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE; News: Engineers design a reusable, silicone rubber face mask; News: CT of COVID-19 versus CT of influenza virus pneumonia; News: Researchers create air filter that can kill the coronavirus; News: Electrodes from leaves: efficient, economical and aesthetic; News: COVID-19: chatbots can ease medical providers' burden
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07/01/2020: Green Hospital: sustainable in all areas


Topic of the Month: Green Hospital: on the way to more sustainability; News: Portable COVID-19 diagnostic system for rapid on-site testing; News: Nanotechnology: first liquid retina prosthesis; News: New heart valve could transform open heart surgery; News: Looking at deep red light improves eyesight; News: Rebuilding broken bones with electricity
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07/08/2020: Mobile safety laboratories for corona testing


Topic of the Month: Green Hospital: helping patients and Mother Nature; Report: Start-ups launch at MEDICA; News: Active photonic wireless system to power medical implants; News: Machine learning helps grow artificial organs; Interview: epiLab: Coronavirus testing in the mobile safety laboratory
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06/25/2020: Sports medicine: Training in times of Corona


Topic of the Month: Mobile stroke units; Interview: Return to sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic; News: Tiny decoy sponges attract coronavirus away from lung cells; News Adhesive film turns smartwatch into biochemical health monitoring system; News: Intelligent ultrasonic sensors for postoperative bladder monitoring; News: App uses voice recordings to detect fluid in the lungs
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06/17/2020: Support in sports through data and AI


Topic of the Month: Molecular Imaging: fast and reliable stroke detection; Interview: MMSC How data and AI help sports; News: Elastomeric masks more durable and less costly option; News: Neurology: advanced MRI scans may improve treatment; News: SUBMIT YOUR IoMT SOLUTION TO THE 12TH HEALTHCARE INNOVATION WORLD CUP
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06/10/2020: Sports medicine: back into the game with VR


Topic of the Month: Comprehensive stroke care: faster, closer, better; Interview: Gamification: facilitating a gradual return-to-play; News: Bluetooth technology to detect COVID-19 cases through smartphone; News: Virus DNA spread across surfaces in hospital over 10 hours; News: Implant: tiny, magnetically powered neural stimulator
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06/03/2020: Stroke: every second counts


Topic of the Month: Stroke care; News: Brazilian researchers develop low-cost mechanical ventilators; News: Reusable face mask could be answer to PPE shortfall; News: Imaging: high-resolution 3D view inside breast tumors; News: One minute electro-optical coronavirus test; News: Nerve stimulation: electric impulses relieve the pain; News: New double-contrast technique picks up small tumors on MRI
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05/27/2020: Software as a planning board for sports medicine


Topic of the Month: Robotic: Improving Training and Safety; Interview: Sportsmedicine: Monitoring at the push of a button; News: We are still here for you and by your side; News: tool measures hemoglobin without drawing blood; News: Save the Date for the 8th MMSC 2020; News: inexpensive retinal diagnostics via smartphone; News: Fighting hospital germs with UVC light-emitting diodes
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05/20/2020: Medication plan: simply share it via "eMMa"


Topic of the Month: Robotic-Assisted Surgery with the daVinci-System; Interview: Medication management app "eMMa"; News: Low-cost, high-accuracy GPS-like system for flexible medical robots; News: Bioprinting: 3D-functional bone tissues; News: AI: unlocking rhythms of 'deep sleep'; News: Soft robotic exosuit makes stroke survivors walk faster and farther
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