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08/07/2019: Resistances: when small pathogens become a great danger


Topic of the Month: Technology against resistances; News: mHealth: blood pressure monitoring like taking a video selfie; News: Regenerative medicine: 'Bone in a dish'; News: Tissue engineering: 3D printing the human heart; News: Medical back supports: human torso simulator offers promise for back brace; News: Wearables: dizziness monitoring device
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07/31/2019: Welcome to Brazil – and to MEDICAL FAIR BRASIL


Topic of the Month: Sports medicine - performance values in best health; Preview of 7th MMSC: Top sports provide innovations; Press release: A new addition to MEDICAlliance; News: Brain stimulators: next-gen Parkinson's disease therapy; News: Prostheses: wireless sensors for new prosthetics device; News: Wearables: 'tickle' therapy could help slow ageing
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07/24/2019: HoloLens: surgery in Mixed Reality


Topic of the Month: Training and rehabilitation; Interview: Virtual Surgical Intelligence; News: Building trust: white paper for the certification of AI; News: Free head, without pain - World Brain Day 2019; News: Neurology: hearing expert receives grant; News: Imaging: reducing size and weight of MRI equipment; News: Prosthetics: sensors for wireless control of muscle signals
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07/17/2019: Animal support for disease diagnosis


Topic of the Month: Performance diagnostics: success in sports; News: Laboratory medicine: engineers revolutionize microscopy; News: Imaging: arthroscopy is more effective than MRI; News: mHealth: mobile phone reveals suffering from respiratory disease; PM: DxPx builds Diagnostics Partnering Conference together with MEDICA; News: Robotic pancreas transplant; News: Surgery for meniscus tear
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07/10/2019: The right partner for the lab


Topic of the Month: Sports medicine – keep moving to stay healthy; Interview: Striking new paths in medicine - Diagnostics Partnering Conference 2019; News: Diagnostics: new blood test for detecting Alzheimer's disease; News: mHealth: smartphones as ophthalmoscopes save sight; News: Computer model supports cancer therapy; News: Imaging: MRI scanner diagnoses knee injuries accurately
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07/03/2019: Sports medicine: best performance with best health?


Topic of the Month: Sports medicine; News: Wearables: real-time insight into wearers' emotions; News: Wearables: new e-tattoo enables heart monitoring for days; News: AI: contactless system detects cardiac arrest; News: Game app provides knowledge of person-centred care; News: mHealth: smartphone solution for diagnostic testing in remote rural areas; Company News: NEW ACTIVE EFFECT KNEE-HIGHS
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06/26/2019: Future robotics – with KUKA and MEDICA 2019


Topic of the Month: The future of rehabilitation; Interview: KUKA Innovation Award; News: Implants: remote-controlled drug delivery system for chronic disease management; News: mHealth: portable device can be used to diagnose eye disease remotely; News: Imaging: non-invasive view into the heart; News: Telemedicine: telephone-based coaching as an impetus for more exercise
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06/19/2019: Tracing the tumor


Topic of the Month: Rehab with a robot – robot-assisted therapy in neurology; Video: Functional Imaging: The puls of modern oncology; News: Microfluidic sensor: monitoring sickle cell disease; News: Blood-brain barrier chip: using stem cells for the first time; News: Cloud-computing web platform for neuroscience research; News: World Blood Donation Day: A small drop saves lives
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06/12/2019: With laser against epilepsy


Topic of the Month: Robotics for rehabilitation; Interview: VISUALASE; News: Wound healing Molecular bait for hydrogels; News: Machine learning: superior results for low-dose CT; News: Ultrasound: restoring dopaminergic pathway at Parkinson's; News: AI: method to improve rare disease diagnosis; News: Apps: cognitive therapy in your pocket; News: Dialysis: transcatheter conduit procedures evaluated
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06/05/2019: Robot - a friend and helper


News: Advance in genome analysis: DNA tests for patients move closer; Topic of the Month: Robotics – rehab with motors and sensors; News: Magnetic therapy reverses concussion symptoms; News: Organ-on-a-chip: Bioengineered human liver disease; News: A new era of small animal imaging research; News: How to simulate the lower jaw; Video: Shock wave therapy
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