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Air support for emergencies

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In case of big accidents with many casualties, rescue forces quickly need information about the condition of all the injured to decide whom to treat first. Until now, they are only able to determine the kind and degree of injuries after they have arrived on site. This could change in a few years when the "FALKE" flight system flies ahead and performs a screening. Learn more in our current video.

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Timo Roth
Editorial team

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Topic of the Month: Automating workforce planning
Video: "FALKE" flight system
Review MEDICA 2021: COVID-19 risk prediction with cfDNA
K-Talk: Modern medicine needs plastics
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AI: Automating healthcare workforce planning

Topic of the Month

Image: Hand-made duty roster; Copyright: PantherMedia  / Mathias Fengler
The shortage of healthcare workers is a social challenge that must be properly addressed. Pradtke GmbH teamed up with the Bochum Institute of Technology gGmbH and contec GmbH in the research project titled "AI-powered healthcare workforce planning and management (KI-unterstützte Personaleinsatzplanung und-steuerung im Gesundheitswesen, KI-PEPS).
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AI: Automating healthcare workforce planning
Digital HR management – Help against skilled worker shortage
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K-Talk on 23 February 2022

K – The World's No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber

Image: Banner of K-Talk

Exciting discussions with international industry experts, best practice examples or long-term strategies for the future – the new format of K – The World's No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber – combines all of these.

In the upcoming K-Talk on February 23, everything will revolve around plastics for medicine. Kumovis GmbH – 3D printing expert and COMPAMED exhibitor – will also be there.

Register fort the K-Talk now!
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Mass accidents – Measuring vital signs from the air with "FALKE"


Image: Preview picture of video
The flight system "FALKE" (German for "falcon") could improve care during MCI events (mass casualty incidents). Using different camera systems and AI, it could be able to determine nature and amount of the different injuries. It could also measure the vital signs of injured persons to help the control center gain a better overview of the situation.
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Mass accidents – Measuring vital signs from the air with "FALKE"
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Better management of hospital resources in pandemic times

Review of MEDICA 2021

Image: Care workers in overalls in a patient room; Copyright: PantherMedia / Wavebreakmedia ltd
For nearly two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has kept a firm grip on the world and caused many intensive care units to hit full capacity. It would help medical professionals tremendously if they could make a reliable prognosis the moment patients are hospitalized. A prognosis is especially useful when it comes to a targeted allocation of hospital resources. cfDNA screening could play an important role in the assessment of COVID-19 severity in patients.
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Better management of hospital resources in pandemic times through DNA measurement
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