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Optimization of hospital logistics

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Hospital logistics have a significant influence on the care of patients and staff. However, there are still a number of weak points that could be avoided. Find out what future opportunities there are for improvement in our Interview.

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Melanie Prüser
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Topic of the Month: Virtual surgical training with haptic technology
Interview: Hospital logistics: three action steps to future success
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Hip replacement: virtual surgical training with haptic technology

Topic of the Month

Image: A man wearing a VR headset is holding a surgical instrument that is attached to a robotic arm; Copyright: Dynamic HIPS
Surgeons have only limited options to practice surgical techniques before they enter the operating room. The implantation of an endoprosthesis requires extensive practical training since it necessitates strength and utmost precision. The "Dynamic HIPS" project develops a virtual reality hip implant simulator that provides realistic haptic feedback.
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Hip replacement: virtual surgical training with haptic technology
Surgery in 3D: Virtual Reality in the OR
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Fighting harmful bacteria with nanoparticles

Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

In the arms race "mankind against bacteria", bacteria are currently ahead of us. Our former miracle weapons, antibiotics, are failing more and more frequently when germs use tricky maneuvers to protect themselves from the effects of these drugs.
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Radiation therapy: Personalized, 3D printed shields to protect patients

Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

To reduce tissue injury side effects from radiation therapy, a research team is developing 3D-printed gastrointestinal radioprotective devices that can be generated from patient CT scans.
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Training treatment of trigger finger using ultrasound guidance

Electromedicine, Medical Technology, Research & Technology

Treatment of an injured or diseased joint may require precise insertion of a syringe needle – musculoskeletal sonography can help guide clinicians as they drain fluid from arthritic knees or inject corticosteroids into trigger fingers. However, there is a need for training simulators that allow practice on an inert model, before attempting treatment on a patient.
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Hospital logistics: three action steps to future success


Image: Two hospital employees fill a shelf in a storage room with medical supplies; Copyright: PantherMedia/SimpleFoto
Behind every hospital are sophisticated and complex logistics that must run like clockwork to keep things going. But how good are the processes when it comes to managing patient care and hospital staff? There are many weak links that can be avoided. Comprehensive digitization and efficient, targeted healthcare workforce management are required to set up hospital logistics for future success.
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Hospital logistics: three action steps to future success
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Emergency EMR created in a week to respond to COVID-19 crisis

Information and Communication Technology, Public Health & Associations

A team from Regenstrief Institute leveraged OpenMRS, a global open-source electronic medical record (EMR), to create an emergency EMR for Indianapolis first responders preparing for a possible influx of COVID-19 patients.
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3D printing: Go-ahead for Swiss m4m Center

Electromedicine, Medical Technology, Economy & Markets

The Technology Transfer Center for 3D Printing in Medical Technology – Swiss m4m Center, in short – meets the requirements of ISO standard 13485:2016; it is thus allowed to produce implants and instruments for human patients. The starting signal for promising projects with Swiss SMEs: The partner network already comprises 45 companies and research institutions.
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