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50 000 masks a day

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They were a scarce commodity in March. Today, there are obligatory or at least recommended in many places to curb the spread of the corona virus: face masks. Most people wear community cloth masks in public, but the healthcare sector needs certified disposable masks. Many companies that have lost contracts due to the corona crises have switched to mask production since then. Learn in our current interview what this can look like and where the sticking points are in the process.

Stay healthy!

Timo Roth
Editorial team

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Topic of the Month: Seal of Approval for Sustainability
Interview: 50 000 medical masks per day
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Developing disinfectant from plant waste

Economy & Markets, Commodities and Consumer Goods, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

It is supposed to be more effective than previous products, more widely applicable and it will be obtained from plant waste such as coffee, quince or rhododendrons: researchers at Jacobs University Bremen aim to develop a new disinfectant in cooperation with the Bremen companies "ProPure – Protect" and "Just in Air".
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How Hospitals Can Foster Environmental Sustainability

Topic of the Month

Image: room in a hospital; Copyright: PantherMedia / imagesupply
When it comes to their environmental impact, hospitals present a challenge, yet can boost opportunities at the same time. They are an environmental burden due to a higher energy use resulting from frequently outdated technology. However, once they are modernized and switch to a sustainable concept, they can turn into a "green hospital".
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How Hospitals Can Foster Environmental Sustainability
Green Hospital: on the way to more sustainability
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First COVID-19 Patient in Germany treated with novel Diaphragm Therapy

Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

Department B for Internal Medicine of the University Medical Center Greifswald successfully used, within an international multi-center trial, a special diaphragmatic stimulation therapy to treat a COVID-19 patient as the first clinical site in Europe.
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Mobile EEG for the detection of epileptic seizures in daily life

Research & Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

Epileptic disorders can vary greatly in terms of type, cause and severity. This makes having accurate knowledge of the person’s individual medical condition very important when choosing a custom-fit therapy. To date, physicians have to rely on accounts by the person concerned and those close to them when estimating how often seizures occur.
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Electrical stimulation to restore vision

Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

In a project under Horizon 2020, researchers from seven European organizations will examine how the vision of visually impaired people can be restored using electrical stimulation of the brain. The project is being coordinated by the University of Zurich and supported by the European Union.
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Ramping up medical mask production to 50,000 pieces per day


Image: A white medical face mask is coming out of a production line; Copyright: Fraunhofer IPT
Necessity is the mother of invention: While many companies have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, some were able to find the hidden business opportunities the unique situation has created. One example of how companies can benefit from the Covid-19 crisis is the production of medical protective gear. Three business partners have teamed up and moved at lightning speed to set up a production facility to make coveted medical face masks.
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Ramping up medical mask production to 50,000 pieces per day
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