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Medication plan: simply share it via "eMMa"

Dear Sir or Madam,

One of the most time-consuming processes when a patient is admitted to hospital is the anamnesis of medication: What drugs does the patient take? In what dosage? Are there drug interactions? Digital transmission of data can save a lot of time here that can be used in actual patient care. Learn in our current interview how the app "eMMa" can help here.

Stay healthy!

Timo Roth
Editorial team

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Topic of the Month: Surgery with the daVinci system
Interview: Medication management app "eMMa"
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Robotic-Assisted Surgery with the daVinci-System

Topic of the Month

Image: Surgeon sitting at a robot-assisted operating system; Copyright:
Robotic surgical systems are often used to perform minimally invasive procedures. The daVinci surgical system is still one of the market leaders and is especially well suited to perform prostatectomies, a surgical option for prostate cancer.
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Robotic-Assisted Surgery with the daVinci-System
Robotics in the OR: Relieving the surgeon
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Low-cost, high-accuracy GPS-like system for flexible medical robots

Economy & Markets, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

Roboticists at the University of California San Diego have developed an affordable, easy to use system to track the location of flexible surgical robots inside the human body. The system performs as well as current state of the art methods, but is much less expensive. Many current methods also require exposure to radiation, while this system does not.
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Bioprinting: 3D-functional bone tissues

Physiotherapy, Orthopedy Technology, Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

Dr. Akhilesh K. Gaharwar, associate professor, has developed a highly printable bioink as a platform to generate anatomical-scale functional tissues. This study was recently published in the American Chemical Society's Applied Materials and Interfaces.
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AI: unlocking rhythms of 'deep sleep'

Research & Technology, Information and Communication Technology

Flinders University sleep researchers have used machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop a free online tool being used by sleep experts and researchers around the world to work out the role of the so-called K-complex, a prominent, brief up-down-up pattern of brain electro-encephalogram (EEG) electrical activity lasting around half a second during sleep.
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Soft robotic exosuit makes stroke survivors walk faster and farther

Physiotherapy, Orthopedy Technology, Research & Technology

Research study in stroke survivors with chronic hemiparesis shows that soft exosuit technology can bring immediate improvements in walking speed and endurance tests.
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COVID-19: low-dose radiographs could reveal lung changes

Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed an innovative x-ray method for lung diagnostics, which they now plan to test in one of its first applications for diagnosis of the respiratory ailment Covid-19 caused by Coronavirus.
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eMMa: medication management app improves patient care


Image: Drawing of a man and woman talking about a medication plan; Copyright:
A conversation between the patient and the doctor is always at the start of the health journey. The idea is to set the stage and share important information. This process can be shortened if information is already available in digital form. In the future, patients can submit their medication plan via app thanks to "eMMa".
Read the interview here:
eMMa: medication management app improves patient care
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