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Coronavirus: protection thanks to intelligent disinfection

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Keep your distance, wash your hands regularly and preferably stay at home – these are the new rules of conduct since the spread of the corona virus was declared a pandemic. But what do people do who still have to go to publicly accessible and frequently used spaces such as elevators or buses to get to work? Manual disinfection of such rooms is hardly manageable. Learn more about an intelligent solution to this problem in our current interview.

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Elena Blume
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Topic of the Month: mHealth in cardiology
Interview: Smart protection against pathogens
Video: Medical products made of collagen
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Smartphone app detects cardiac arrhythmia

Topic of the Month

Image: man holding his finger to the smartphone camera; Copyright: FibriCheck
Atrial fibrillation is one of the causes for a stroke and often appears without any previous indications. To reduce the risks and provide fast results, the application FibriCheck was invented. With the app it is possible to collect and measure data via smartphone camera.
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Smartphone app detects cardiac arrhythmia
Digital cardiology: analyzing data beat by beat
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Novel coronavirus test provides fast, accurate results

Laboratory Equipment, Diagnostica, Research & Technology

The Georgia Esoteric and Molecular Laboratory at the Medical College of Georgia Department of Pathology has developed a novel, accurate coronavirus test that can tell patients if they are infected within about two hours instead of waiting typically days to hear from remote testing facilities.
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AI device collects health data for flu and pandemic forecasting

Research & Technology, Information and Communication Technology

University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers have invented a portable surveillance device powered by machine learning - called FluSense - which can detect coughing and crowd size in real time, then analyze the data to directly monitor flu-like illnesses and influenza trends.
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Recyclable face masks to better protect against corona

Research & Technology, Commodities and Consumer Goods

Wearing a face mask is a common sight in Korea during the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the overwhelming demand, last week the government started to ration two masks per person per week, as a drastic measure to address the supply fiasco. The face masks most commonly used are disposable ones, originally made for filtering out up to 94 or 95 percent of fine dust, referred to as N94 or N95 masks.
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Telemedicine: Coronavirus mobile app for contact tracing

Research & Technology, Information and Communication Technology

A team of medical research and bioethics experts at Oxford University are supporting European governments to explore the feasibility of rapidly and widely deploying a coronavirus mobile app for instant contact tracing.
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Hygiene: Smart protection against pathogens like the coronavirus


Image: UV Visual Lift; Copyright: by UVentions
Germs such as bacteria, viruses or pathogenic fungi can spread from one person to another through direct contact when we shake hands or touch objects. People touch door handles and push elevator buttons in public places and constantly move in and out of spaces. Regular manual high-level disinfection is practically impossible. UVentions GmbH has found an intelligent solution for this problem.
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Hygiene: Smart protection against pathogens like the coronavirus
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Medical products made of collagen - Biocompatible, elastic, stable


Image: Preview picture of video
Regenerative medicine often relies on implants and materials that support healing in our body. Collagen has a special significance here. It is compatible to the body and offers an excellent environment for the growing of new cells. In our video, we took a look on where collagen and collagen products for medicine come from.
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Medical products made of collagen - Biocompatible, elastic, stable
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