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Joint replacement - exploring movement anew

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Exercise in everyday life helps to keep the circulation stable and the muscles strengthened. After an accident, due to age or illness, joints can lose their natural function and restrict patients' freedom of movement. Artificial joints offer a solution - with them, patients find their way back to normal and active life. But how long are endoprostheses durable and which innovations does the medical market offer? Discover more in our current video.

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Topic of the Month: Cardiology: digital solutions for chronic illness
Video: What endoprotheses achieve
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Cardiology: digital solutions support those coping with chronic illness

Topic of the Month

Image: Colourful cubes with heart symbols are floating over a smartphone; Copyright:
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year. Acute events such as heart attacks and strokes stand out in this setting. Chronic heart diseases can also be a debilitating condition for many patients. If cardiology uses digital methods and tools, it can reach more affected people.
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Cardiology: digital solutions support those coping with chronic illness
Digital cardiology: analyzing data beat by beat
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What endoprotheses achieve: Materials and functions of artificial joints


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Whether after an accident, due to illness or age-related wear - artificial joints are used when natural joints lose their function. Mostly we can find them in the knee and hip area. The companies AK Medical and Biotech GmbH tell us more about innovations, positive effects, but also risks associated with endoprostheses.
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What endoprotheses achieve: Materials and functions of artificial joints
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Implants: powering devices goes skin deep

Research & Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

Soft and flexible materials can be used to ultrasonically charge bioelectronic implants, which could help to reduce the need for surgical treatment.
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Coronavirus: app for rapid at-home assessment

Research & Technology, Information and Communication Technology

A coronavirus app coupled with machine intelligence will soon enable an individual to get an at-home risk assessment based on how they feel and where they've been in about a minute, and direct those deemed at risk to the nearest definitive testing facility, investigators say.
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Robot draws blood using artificial intelligence and imaging

Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

Rutgers engineers have created a tabletop device that combines a robot, artificial intelligence and near-infrared and ultrasound imaging to draw blood or insert catheters to deliver fluids and drugs.
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DNA: sequencing technique shortens diagnosis of sepsis

Laboratory Equipment, Diagnostica, Research & Technology

A report in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, published by Elsevier, describes a new technique that uses real-time next-generation sequencing (NGS) to analyze tiny amounts of microbial cell-free DNA in the plasma of patients with sepsis, offering the possibility of accurate diagnosis of sepsis-causing agents within a few hours of drawing blood.
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