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would you like to provide the perfect performance? Then neuromuscular training is something you should try out. The program can be adapted individually to the athlete and patient. Curious? Then check out the video, at

Keep moving!

Melanie Prüser
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Topic of the Month: The benefits of AI in imaging
Video: Sports medicine: Neuromuscular training for optimal performance
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Deep Learning Image Reconstruction - what AI looks like in clinical routine

Topic of the Month

Image: ASiR-V image of the aorta; Copyright: GE Healthcare
Artificial intelligence is no longer a dream of the future in medicine. Many studies and initial application examples show that it sometimes achieves better results than human physicians. At Jena University Hospital, the work with AI is already lived practice. It is the first institution in the world to use algorithms in radiological routine to reconstruct CT images.
Read more in our Topic of the Month:
Deep Learning Image Reconstruction – what AI looks like in clinical routine
AI in imaging: how machines manage our Big Data
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Imaging: revolutionizing cancer surgery

Research & Technology, Electromedicine, Medical Technology

Cancer treatment could be dramatically improved by an invention at the University of Waterloo to precisely locate the edges of tumors during surgery to remove them.
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Commodities: needle-free flu vaccine patch

Research & Technology, Commodities and Consumer Goods

A new needle-free flu vaccine patch revved up the immune system much like a traditional flu shot without any negative side effects, according to a study. Though the research is in the early stages, it's an important step toward a technology that could replace needle-based vaccination methods that require administration by health care workers and biohazard waste removal.
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Sports medicine: GymCam tracks exercises that wearable monitors can't

Physiotherapy, Orthopedy Technology, Research & Technology, Information and Communication Technology

Wearable sensors such as smartwatches have become a popular motivational tool for fitness enthusiasts, but gadgets do not sense all exercises equally. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found that a stationary camera is a better choice for gym exercises.
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Optical sensor: detects very low glucose concentrations

Laboratory Equipment, Diagnostica, Research & Technology

The Optical Research Group of the Universitat Jaume I has developed an optical nanoparticle sensor capable of detecting very low glucose concentrations, such as those present in a person's tear, by means of fluorescent carbon quantum dots, applying synthesis of nanomaterials based on irradiation with ultra-short lasers, which is an alternative, sustainable and non-polluting method.
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Wearables: new health monitors are flexible, transparent and graphene enabled

Research & Technology, Information and Communication Technology

New technological devices are prioritizing non-invasive tracking of vital signs not only for fitness monitoring, but also for the prevention of common health problems such as heart failure, hypertension, and stress related complications, among others.
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Machine Learning: improving the diagnosis of head and neck cancers

Laboratory Equipment, Diagnostica, Research & Technology, Information and Communication Technology

Researchers from Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the German Cancer Consortium have successfully solved a longstanding problem in the diagnosis of head and neck cancers. Working alongside colleagues from TU Berlin, the researchers used artificial intelligence to develop a new classification method which identifies the primary origins of cancerous tissue based on chemical DNA changes.
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Where healthcare is going - Start-ups at MEDICA

Bild: Start-Up-Park Banner; Copyright: Start-Up Park

Hundreds of start-up companies await you at MEDICA 2019. And for good reason: Many success stories start at MEDICA, because not only the international players and makers of the healthcare industry are represented, but also investors from healthcare accelerator programs, family offices and well-known venture capital funds.

In the MEDICA START-UP PARK in hall 13, you will find innovative products of 36 start-ups from the fields of diagnostics, IoMT, smart solutions, chronic disease treatment, AI, VR, mHealth and wearable solutions.

In the MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM (MCHF) in hall 13, around 100 start-ups will present their products and ideas in the sessions and MEDICA DISRUPT Start-up Pitches. In the afternoon of 19. Nov. 2019, healthcare accelerator programs such as by Merck, Bayer G4A and Roche will introduce themselves to the start-ups via the Reverse Pitch Session.

Start-ups can apply for the leading international competitions of the 8th MEDICA App COMPETITION and the 11th HEALTHCARE INNOVATION WORLD CUP (Deadline for submission on 18 September midnight). The finalists will be on the MCHF stage on 18 and 19 November and can win valuable business contacts, international recognition and cash prizes.

Diagnostics start-ups from the biotech sector who are looking for investors can also find potential investors at the DxPx conference on 18 November in the nearby Maritim Hotel.

Start-ups at MEDICA
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Sports medicine: Neuromuscular training for optimal performance


Image: Preview image of the video
Movement, strength and coordination - after injuries as well as in healthy athletes, these three components must be intact for movements to run smoothly. At the Beta Klinik in Bonn, Dr. Markus Klingenberg, a specialist in orthopaedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine, offers neuromuscular training with a playful character that can be adapted to the patient's needs.
Watch the video here!
Sports medicine: Neuromuscular training for optimal performance
More videos in our MediaCenter
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Electromedicine, Medical Technology, Company News

Raumedic helps implement the new Medical Device Regulation


Helmbrechts  – The three-year transition period for the new European Medical Device Regulation is drawing to a close. Starting in May 2020, manufacturers of medical devices will face significant...
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Information and Communication Technology, Company News

Kaasa’s New Data Collector 2.0 Helps to Record and Manage Large Sets of Movesense Sensor Data

Movesense by Suunto

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German Kaasa solution GmbH is publishing Data Collector 2.0, a powerful iOS solution for recording Movesense raw data and to manage data sets in projects where sensor data is collected...
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Electromedicine, Medical Technology, Company News

AirSep Oxygen Plants Central to Lifesaving Work in East Africa

AirSep Corporation

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Public-private partnership celebrates opening of new Amhara Region Oxygen Centre in Ethiopia Buffalo, NY, June 6, 2019 – AirSep® Corporation, the commercial division of CAIRE® Inc., is playing a major...
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