MEDICA START-UP PARK 2019: start-ups introduce themselves -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

MEDICA START-UP PARK 2019: the start-ups introduce themselves

XSensio: more than just a small chip

Well provided at home with StethoMe

bio-T: connecting Healthcare

Faster diagnostics with FluoretiQ

Omnidermal Biomedics: AI for doctors and patients

Sleep better with Sleepiz AG

Curiosity Diagnostics: quick and easy with point-of-care

Instant NanoBiosensors: detection of biomarkers in a few minutes

More safety in everyday life

SensDx: no chance for viruses

IcosaMed: cancer therapy gets smart

SAV-IOL: clear view after surgery

L.I.F.E Italia srl: Collect health data by clothing

Virtual Training with Rehago

HeartHero: More safety for your life