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Master plan Smart Hospital: well-connected is half cared for


Image: View over the shoulder of a person with a tablet in his hand, showing the operating theatre in front of him with screens and devices; Copyright:

The vision of the Smart Hospital: the intelligent interconnection of physician, patient and machine.

The hospital of the future – today

Image: OR robot at work; Copyright:

Surgical robots not only make the human's work easier, but also make the surgery more precise, which leads to considerably fewer complications.

Vision versus reality

Image: Doctor holds up MRI images overlapped by digital information about the patient; Copyright:

The electronic health record is regarded as the cornerstone of the Smart Hospital. The digital availability of all patient information could optimize many hospital processes.

Dr. da Vinci and Professor Robot?

Image: Doctor holding the hand of a patient; Copyright:

The personal contact between physician and patient will probably not be replaced by a machine in the future. The aim of the Smart Hospital is rather to optimize processes through digitalization that are time-consuming for humans and slow down patient care.

Image: Elena Blume; Copyright: C. Schmitt
Image: MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

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