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Image: Woman with migraine; Copyright:

Free head, without pain - World Brain Day 2019


World Brain Day 2019 is on July 22. It was created by the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) and the International Headache Society (IHS) to help people pay more attention to neurological diseases. This year the focus will be on migraine - a painful disease that seriously affects people in their daily lives.
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Image: A number of green gas bottles in a long row; Copyright:

Cancer tissue-freezing for lower income countries


A new reusable device created by the Johns Hopkins University can help women with breast cancer in lower income countries by using carbon dioxide, a widely available and affordable gas, to power a cancer tissue-freezing probe instead of industry-standard argon.
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Image: sample testing contraption, to be paired with a smartphone, compared against a 96-well plate; Copyright: SFU

mHealth: smartphone solution for diagnostic testing in remote rural areas


Zhendong Cao is hoping to help women in rural areas access information about their reproductive health using a common tool in their pockets: a smartphone. He has developed a unique way to take advantage of a smartphone's camera so that it could help perform non-clinical diagnostic testing, with initial applications that can help women with family planning and reproductive health monitoring.
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Image: A young woman takes another young woman's blood sample; Copyright: Trautmann

Physician Assistant - profession with perspective


The doctor's profession is exhausting and involves many different activities. For a long time, there have been discussions about how doctors can be supported by other specialists. One solution: help from so-called physician assistants.
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