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Collect, process, communicate – retina measurements with Mimo

Interview with Dr. Peter Maloca, Group Leader Ophthalmic Imaging, Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB) & OCTlab, University of Basel, and CTO & Research and Development, Mimo AG, Bern


Image: Dr. Peter Maloca; Copyright: privat

Dr. Peter Maloca

Image: Woman puts her arms around the retina scanner and looks smilingly to the side into the camera; Copyright: Mimo AG

The operation of Mimo is intuitive. Because the patient puts his head on the device and embraces it for the use, he gets a comfortable feeling.

Image: young physician sitting at her computer with an OCT device on the table in front of her; Copyright:

Conventional OCT devices require an assistant to prepare the patient and operate the device, and an ophthalmologist to evaluate the measured data. This is only possible in clinics and costs a lot of time.

Image: elderly man who looks seriously into the camera and keeps an eye on himself; Copyright:

Regular monitoring of eye diseases helps in the early detection of visual loss.

Image: Elena Blume; Copyright: P. Schmitz