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iXensor Co., LTD.

iXensor tackles COVID-19 with two testing solutions in the pipeline

On February 21st, 2020, iXensor formed the COMBAT project team to tackle the global COVID-19 pandemic challenge from the testing and digital solution perspective, aiming to aid the early detection of COVID-19 infections. Two state-of-the-art antigen-based testing solutions are in the development stage.

Our team has been working relentlessly hard on both sides of the Pacific Ocean with 15 hours time difference to strategize solutions aggressively.  Building on top of our strength in integrating medical engineering, biochemistry, and information technology, we are developing an innovative molecular diagnostic solution that carries iXensor’s DNA for being highly mobile and close to the patients. In this case, the target patients will be COVID-19 suspects, so authorities and employers can test, track, and isolate them accordingly.

Up to this point in time, we have two cutting-edge antigen-based testing solutions for both big-scale screening and precision diagnosing use cases in the development stage. We are looking forward to announcing our answers to this pandemic to the public soon and supporting the safe “Back to work” return of the global economy.

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