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extendaTV | Noruco in Seville expands its production facilities

Noruco started its activity as a technical service for other brands. But it soon realised that there was a market niche in the sector and started to manufacture its own developments. "R&D is the driving force behind the growth and expansion of our company. We work to design products that can improve the way people work in operating theatres, and that can only be achieved through innovation," says Beatriz Pérez, the company's managing director.

Its endoscopy equipment is used in both public and private hospitals. "We work for the SAS and other public services, as well as for hospital chains such as the Quirón Group," continues Pérez, who confirms that its main export markets are in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

The company has not stopped growing. "We are immersed in a very ambitious project to expand our facilities and become the largest endoscopy centre in Europe, with more than 3,200 square metres for the production of minimally invasive surgery equipment and technical service", says the executive director of Noruco.

In addition, it has made a major commitment to improving its portfolio, with "a revolutionary patented thermoregulated endoscopy system, which will allow us to open up markets such as Lithuania, India, Korea and Pakistan, where we already have distribution agreements", says Beatriz Pérez, with which they also hope to increase their exports to 40% of their turnover.

The company has also managed to diversify its business in the middle of the pandemic. "We received a call from the Ministry of Health and we currently maintain a production line for surgical masks and PPE, to offer them to the health sector," the businesswoman adds.

In its international trajectory, Noruco has relied on Extenda-Andalucía Exportación e Inversión Extranjera (Extenda-Andalucía Export and Foreign Investment). "Since we decided to start our international expansion, we have relied on Extenda," says Pérez. They have used services such as attending trade fairs, consultancy on International Strategy and Action, as well as marketing and financing, and trade missions. Therefore, "I would recommend that any company planning its international expansion should go to Extenda, tell them about their project and ask for guidance, because it opens your eyes to the world," he concludes.

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