World premiere: MAVIG presents the new Medium-Load Monitor Suspension System GD50 for the first time -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine



World premiere: MAVIG presents the new Medium-Load Monitor Suspension System GD50 for the first time

With the increasing number of clinical applications and evolving spaces, MAVIG has expanded its previous generation of medium-load monitor mount systems into a versatile product that meets the ever-growing needs of users: The GD50

• Free choice of a fixed point or ceiling track installation
• Maximum load capacity at the end of the spring arm (without monitor holder) up to 45.0 kg or 57.0 kg
• Varying monitor sizes (19 - 32”) and quantities (1 - 4)

For decades now, MAVIG has been the first choice for monitor suspension systems. These sturdy, high-quality systems are perfectly designed for the daily needs of hospitals or radiology practices. They offer the maximum in terms of safety and high flexibility. Any make of monitor can be easily installed and positioned – provided that you have a backside mounting VESA adapter. Life cycle testing ensures 100% quality for all MAVIG products.
Design Details of the GD50

Ceiling tracks either 2500 or 4000 mm in length, for greater range or hybrid operating theatres
Column lengths of 140 up to 490 mm, suitable for rooms with many different ceiling heights
Single spring arm version 1010 mm in length
• Or complete support arm as a combination of spring arm and extension arm of 1010 mm plus 1200 mm in length = working radius of 2210 mm
330° rotation on all joints and adjustable rotation stops in 60° steps on the monitor suspension (spring arm – monitor holder)
Adjustable vertical movement from +40° through to -40° at 45.0 kg load capacity and +28° through to -40° at 57.0 kg load capacity
Preinstalled power cabling for monitor and earthing and additional components earthing

Simple Product Configuration Using the MAVIG Modular Structure

 Components can be assembled in the manner of a modular system and can be tailored to your individual requirements.For easy installation and trouble-free use, please use this summary to decide which configuration of your GD50 monitor suspension system best suits your needs.

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