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Hzymes Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

With the strike of COVID - 19, is the Proteinase OK or Knock out?

Recently,Covid-19 has exploded worldwide, and the coronavirus detection nucleic acid detection kit which is seeing as golden standard is in short supply. Among which, protease K is an important component used for sample pretreatment, and it is even more difficult to supply

Hanzyme is determined to become the world-class special enzyme products and service providers, aiming at high-challenge product like proteinase K. The purpose is not only to achieve first class product quality, but also to achieve the first class output. Our goal is to brand the Coronavirus detection kit that made in China with the brand of our independent core raw material supplier.

Meantime, we are developing Coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit, the other enzyme materials as well as dNTP materials.

We believe with the contribution of the joint efforts of all enterprises in the in vitro diagnostic industry, China’s in vitro diagnostic products can contribute China's strength to the global fight against coVID-19. There will be no shortage of core raw materials to lose advantages.


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