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Arvato Systems Digital GmbH

With flexTI on the way to mobile telematics infrastructure

- More flexibility in everyday work for employees in care facilities, pharmacies, and co.

Gütersloh – Arvato Systems is thinking TI ahead and taking an important step toward TI 2.0. With the interim solution "flexTI," the IT company is moving the connectors to its own certified data centers. For service providers in the German healthcare sector, this is a secure alternative to on-premises equipment.

The use of and access to the telematics infrastructure (TI for short) will become easier and low threshold in the future. Thanks to the new "flexTI" solution, connection to the TI will now become a full service: doctors' practices, pharmacies, nursing homes, and other facilities can continue to place their TI connection in the reliable hands of Arvato Systems, but no connectors will be needed on-site at their premises. These are operated in the secure data centers of Arvato Systems, which reduces the maintenance effort on the part of the users to a minimum.

The higher availability achieved as a result is an indispensable quality feature, especially for service providers who need to access the TI around the clock. This plays a key role in elderly and hospital care, for example. "flexTI, or TI as a Service, can be used in more than one way. Instead of having to decide whether to rely on the previously proven solution - the on-site connector - or the new flexTI solution, both can also be used. flexTI serves as a backup solution in the use case, which can be activated, if necessary," emphasizes Jan Wemmel, Senior Vice President Health & Public Sector at Arvato Systems. Anyone who wants to say goodbye to their connector entirely and use flexTI exclusively can do that, too. A changeover is possible during ongoing operations without disturbing the users.

The TI as a Service solution from Arvato Systems is particularly attractive for smaller facilities such as physiotherapy and speech therapy practices, as Jan Wemmel also knows: "flexTI lowers the technical as well as financial hurdles for small businesses. Facilities of non-app healthcare professions usually have neither the budget nor the resources or know-how for the technical support of a connector." For midwives, physiotherapists, and other health care professionals, flexTI thus offers a low-threshold and often first opportunity to connect easily to the telematics infrastructure.

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