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The regular grab for or glance at your smartphone shows that almost nothing works without digital apps. And this does not only affect young people. The current tense situation due to the pandemic situation is bringing the advantages of digital innovation in the medical sector to light. A visit to the doctor is no longer necessary because you can talk to the doctor via smartphone or PC; health apps on the smartphone collect health-related data, evaluate it and forward it to the doctor for further treatment. The digital devices are motivator, evaluator and tipster in one. They do not replace communication between patients and doctors, but they make it easier, save time, ways and costs, in short: the digital change in medicine is unstoppable.

Soon, even doctors will be able to prescribe apps on prescription, with the cost of these being covered by health insurance.

In order to strengthen digitisation in medicine, the German Federal Government has introduced some new legal regulations:

  • Law for better coverage through digitisation and innovation (“Gesetz für eine bessere Versorgung durch Digitalisierung und Innovation“)
    (Digital Supply Act - Digitale Versorgungs Gesetz - DVG) came into force on 19 December 2019
  • Regulation on the procedure and requirements for testing the eligibility of digital health applications for reimbursement by the statutory health insurance scheme (“Verordnung über das Verfahren und die Anforderungen zur Prüfung der Erstattungsfähigkeit digitaler Gesundheitsanwendungen in der gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung”)
    (Digital Health Applications Regulation - Digitale-Gesundheitsanwendungen-Verordnung - DiGAV) 
What changes will DVG and DiGAV bring for medical device manufacturers?

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