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Volvo Investigation of the protected top speed

VOLVO has analyzed the effects of a guaranteed top speed in its new models with the Cortrium C3⁺ Holter Monitor. The result shows that greater safety and environmental protection in no way spoils driving pleasure and leads to a lower level of stress among drivers.
The comparative runs carried out in the second half of July were carried out with the brand’s most popular model: the Volvo XC60 mid-range SUVs each used a 173 kW (235 hp) B5 AWD mild-hybrid diesel engine. The vehicle from model year 2020 still reached a top speed of 220 km/h. All new vehicles of the current model year 2021 have protection to 180 km / h regardless of the motorization.

All drivers (independent media representatives) wore a Cortrium C3⁺ Holter Monitor to measure the heart rate with medical precision.

The results of the comparative drives reflect Volvo’s expectations: the small amount of time saved was paid in part with a significant increase in fuel consumption and in part with more stress, which inevitably has a negative impact on physical and mental performance.

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