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The first single use mouth prop in the world with an integral tether

Following an extensive research and development programme, Robinson Healthcare is delighted to announce the launch of Instrapac Manta® - the world’s first intraoral mouth prop with a moulded integral tether.

Designer, Dr Ralph Day, was inspired to design a new mouth prop after several years of using alternative products, most of which had inherent design flaws.

He said: “Most mouth props in use are reusable items and are very difficult to decontaminate before re-sterilisation.  The most commonly used mouth prop is manufactured from a rubber compound which develops an unpleasant odour after repeated sterilisation and potentially harbours microorganisms within its surface structure.  These devices are also designed with multiple crevices and chains which are extremely difficult to clean effectively.  I was also very concerned that current product options are neither comfortable for the patient nor clinician friendly.  For all these good reasons, I was determined to develop an innovative product solution”.

The result of several years R&D and clinician consultation is the Instrapac Manta® single use, sterile intraoral mouth prop, a unique product full of innovative clinical design features.

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