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The Third IVD Raw Material Components Forum has successfully held.

From the editor:

Dr. Yang Guangyu, chairman of Hanhai New Enzyme Co., LTD., made a theme report on “the integrated creation of enzyme preparations for in vitro diagnosis”. As a key raw material supplier of IVD industry integrating research, development, production and marketing, Hanhai New Enzyme is responsible for accelerating the realization of the substitution of core IVD raw materials for the creation of POCT “China Core” to safeguard the national industrial safety.


Sponsored by China Medical Device Industry Association (CAMDI) Testing Equipment Raw Materials and Components Professional Committee, the third IVD Raw materials and Components Forum was held on August 22, 2020 in multi-function hall A, conference room 205, conference center, Primus Hotel, Nanchang International Expo City.

At present, the domestic in vitro diagnostic upstream raw materials are rapidly improving in quality and brand development. The third IVD raw material components forum invited many experts, scholars and entrepreneurs whom are the head of general manager of the upstream raw materials, well-known enterprise executives, head of r&d director and professors from elite universities. This forum is communicating and discussing on following topics: the status quo of China's in vitro diagnostic key raw materials, the challenges and opportunities, in vitro diagnostic upstream raw materials (antigen antibody enzyme probe primers microspheres photoelectric component liquid road) development and application of in vitro diagnostic, how downstream enterprises choose the core raw materials and components in vitro diagnostic, how do end users conduct clinical application and evaluation.

The forum is hosted by the President of the Clinical Medicine Branch of Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chairman of Medical Laboratory Engineering Branch, Chinese Biomedical Engineering Society, China association for medical devices industry rapid testing (POCT) branch committee, director of Beijing Clinical Engineering Research Center for Immunoreagents, professor of Experimental Diagnosis Center, Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, professor Kang Xixiong, PhD supervisor of Beihang University, professor, School of Biomedical Engineering, Shenzhen University, director of in Vitro Diagnostic Instruments Research Center, Shenzhen University, director of In vitro diagnostic instrument Generic Technology Service Platform in Shenzhen, Professor Zhang Huisheng, Vice chairman of Medical Laboratory Engineering Branch of Chinese Biomedical Engineering Society, Mr. Wang Yongqiang, CEO of Ocean NanoTech LLC take charge of the chairman of the forum. 


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