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The Shining Moment of ediagnosis in the 2020 China Hospital Information Network Conference(CHINC)

From 21 to 23 August 2020, hosted by the Institute of Hospital Administration of the National Health Commission and organized by the "China Digital Medicine" magazine, the 2020 China Hospital Information Network Conference(CHINC) with the theme of "New Situation, New Technology, New Development" opened as scheduled under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control in China.

ediagnosis brought one-stop solution for emergency and critical care and instant diagnostic products (CF10 Chemiluminescence platform, PT1000 blood gas analysis platform, QMT8000 POCT platform, EV12 Mobile electrocardiograph)

The opening ceremony of the conference was hosted by Ye Quanfu, director of the Institute of Hospital Administration of the National Health Commission. The guests attending the opening ceremony included Li Lanjuan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Gu Xiaosong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Wenxian, Deputy Director of the Planning Development and Informationization Department of the National Health Commission, Zhuang Ning, Deputy Director of the Department of System Reform of the National Health Commission, Hu Ruirong, Deputy Director of the Medical Policy and Administration Authority , Lan Qiing, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission, and Wang Jing, deputy chief of Nanjing Health Commission.

                        ediagnosis Integrated treatment solution of emergency and critical care
During the conference, ediagnosis presented the participants with the integrated treatment solution of emergency and critical care, include emergency care pre-inspection and triage system, chest pain center, stroke center, trauma center and integrated information platform. Our scenario-based product demonstration sessions and wonderful explanation given by product managers on site attracted many colleagues in the medical and health industry to come to communicate and consult.

                                       Integration Platform of Emergency and Critical Care  
Provides hospitals with integrated emergency care management based on cloud services IOT+SaaS, and achieve the closed-loop and traceable management of the entire process of pre-hospital , in-hospital and post-hospital care of the emergency department. The in-hospital module of the platform starts with emergency department pre-inspection and triage, which can be connected to the information systems of the five centers to record the treatment process of patients with multiple diseases, the quality control of the process in each center, the direct data reporting, and the final quality control and KPI statistical analysis of the center data.

                                    Emergency Department pre-inspection and triage System
In accordance with the "Guiding Principles for the Priority Classification of Emergency Patients" and the "Guidelines for the Construction and Management of Emergency Departments (Trial)", combined with the built-in knowledge base, assist the triage nurses to quickly identify patients who need emergency care immediately and reduce potential safety hazards during waiting and treatment. In addition, in conjunction with the "Implementation Opinions on Further Normalizing the Scientific and Precise Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic", the system supports the preliminary screening of fever patients by checking the health code, measuring body temperature and taking scales.

                                       Integration Information Platform of Chest Pain Center
ediagnosis provides integrated services of hardware and software for the chest pain center. The chest pain center software is a highly integrated software system in the construction of the chest pain center. The process software integrates all standard actions for chest pain patients during treatment, and the hardware data is automatically accessed to control the process of generating data, enable automatic data collection and data traceability in the reviewing process, prevent data fraud and loss, and enables real-time data analysis and quality management.

                                         Integration Information Platform of Stroke Center
ediagnosis’ "Integration Information Platform of Stroke", relying on key technologies such as the internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data analysis, based on policies that benefit the people such as hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, two-way referral, clinical pathways, and green channels, together the Integration Information Platform of Stroke enables the entire process of prevention, control and quality control management of critically ill patients, and opened up a VIP treatment channel from the patient to the specialist team, early detection, early treatment, and early recovery, build a bridge of life for patients to be healthy.

                                 Integration Information Platform for Trauma Emergency
Through the intelligent ambulance system, the hospital trauma emergency system, the remote consultation management system and the data platform, the patient can be intelligently matched to a hospital according to the severity and symptoms, the location and distance during the onset treatment of the patient, and provide pre-hospital emergency diagnosis and treatment services, seamlessly connect the pre-hospital emergency to the green passage in the hospital.

The 2020 CHINC conference is the first industrial event for medical Informatization after the epidemic. ediagnosis has proved that we are a professional one-stop service provider for emergency and critical care. We can provide professional services from certification consulting, informational construction, point of care testing and project operation. ediagnosis is committed to the construction of smart medical ecosystem, we are oriented by customers’ needs and provides comprehensive solutions combines medical informatization and in vitro diagnostic products.

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