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Guangdong Biolight Meditech Co., Ltd

The Main Force of Chinese Medical Industry Development

The 3rd Innovation and Development of Medical Industry Conference was held in Zhuhai international conference center on Sept 23rd. The conference gathers high-quality medical equipment to create a bio pharmacy and medical equipment exchange platform, which guides the innovation development direction of the Chinese medical industry.

Over the years, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak, China has strived to develop the medical industry, implement the Healthy China strategy to protect the health of the people.

Biolight attended the conference in response to the call of the nation, showing the company's business layout and the latest medical research and development achievements.  So far, Biolight has provided vital signs devices, Wearcare intelligent products, Hemodialysis products, and Medical services to the domestic and overseas.

At the conference, Mr. Ma Peihua, the vice-chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee visited the booths of the major enterprises and encouraged the companies to contribute to the Chinese healthcare by their innovative technologies.

Biolight S series, the first patient monitor integrates with the drip monitor drew the attention of the vice-chairman. After experiencing the Wearcare oximeter that played an important role in this COVID-19 outbreak by checking the patient's lung function, Mr. Ma spoke highly of Biolight and their medical equipment.

Lately Biolight announced that they had acquired 51% of Suzhou Jun Kang Medical Technology Co., Ltd for about 17 million US dollars. Thereafter, Jun Kang became a member of the Biolight Group. 

It is a company dedicated to providing extracorporeal circulation and blood purification products and also the first manufacturer that had the world advanced PES membrane spinning and assembly technology in China.

This acquisition not only settles the technical vacancy of the Biolight blood purification area but also achieves a breakthrough in mastering core technology independently in the China blood purification field.

In the foreseeable future, Biolight will vigorously develop the blood purification area, accelerate the expansion of the global market, and provide high-quality and cost-efficiency hemodialysis products to the world.

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