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The “SEC Signature DIR” sensors for EO applications are now ATEX certified

These sensors, worldwide recognized to measure both the EO concentration and the H2O, are since august 2019 available in Europe with the ATEX certification thanks to RSD company.

RSD, with the agreement of the US Company “Sensor Electronics Corporation” (SEC signature DIR sensors manufacturer) decided to take care of all the analysis and tests to obtain the ATEX certification for these sensors. RSD is from now on the official importer in Europe for the SEC Signature DIR sensors, delivering the ATEX certificate.

Features of the SEC Signature DIR sensors
This sensor also called DUAL gas analyzer has been specially designed for EO applications, see below its main characteristics:

  • Measure both of the ethylene oxide concentration and the humidity level inside the autoclaves. Two essential information in the ethylene oxide sterilization process
  • A state-of-the-art technology worldwide recognized.
  • Uses leading technologies to offer reliable and accurate results.
  • Allows the parametric release. Thanks to the measure both of eo concentration and humidity level the parametric release is possible, which enables of BI’s results, leading to a time, money and space savings.
  • Infrared sensing technology.
  • Explosion proof (Ex nA, II3G).
  • Designed for harsh environments.
  • Self-compensating optical system (patented).
  • Fast response time.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • An affordable price.

The SEC Signature DIR sensors, ATEX certified
The ATEX regulation, mandatory in any European countries, has the objective to control and reduce the risks regarding explosive atmospheres that can exist in facilities and equipment.

ATEX directives:
  • 2014/34/UE (former 94/9/EU): for equipment to be installed in ATEX zones
  • 1999/92/EC: for the worker safety.
In the past, these gas detectors couldn’t be used in European installations because they didn’t have the ATEX certificate. From now on, they are ATEX certified by the notified body “LOM” in Spain, and fulfil the 2014/34/UE regulation for equipment / machines that is used in potential explosive atmosphere.

A great news for any company that sterilizes products in Europe thanks to ethylene oxide process and have the need to install those sensors on their EO autoclaves.
The SEC Signature DIR detector, supplied by RSD
We supply the SEC Signature DIR sensors (from the US Company Sensor Electronics Corporation) in Europe, with the ATEX certification.

We propose:
  • The SEC Signature DIR.
  •  A wide range of options: signal converter, junction box, adapter, calibration gases and dedicated electrical cabinet.
  •  The installation and control (PLC & SCADA) of the parametric release in client’s facilities with calibration services and training.

We remain at your disposal for further information about this product, do not hesitate to contact us at and visit-us in our booth 12/A68.

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